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☆ Read Ä Wow, No Thank You. by Samantha Irby à A Vintage Paperback originalA New Rip Roaring Essay Collection From The Smart, Edgy, Hilarious, Unabashedly Raunchy, And Bestselling Samantha Irby About Aging, Marriage, Settling Down With Step Children In White, Small Town America, Health Food And Skincare Obsessions, Money Trouble, The Real Story Of Glamorous Hollywood Life AndBeloved Writer Samantha Irby Returns To The Printed Page For Her Much Anticipated, Sidesplitting Third Book Following Meaty And New York Times Bestselling We Are Never Meeting In Real Life Irby Is Turning Forty, And Increasingly Uncomfortable In Her Own Skin She Has Left Her Job As A Receptionist At A Veterinary Clinic, Has Published Successful books And Is Courted By Hollywood, Left Chicago, And Moved Into A House With A Garden That Requires Repairs And Know How With Her Wife And Two Step Children In A Small White, Republican Town In Michigan Where She Now Hosts Book Clubs This Is The Bourgeois Life Of Dreams She Goes On Bad Dates With New Friends, Spends Weeks In Los Angeles Taking Meetings With Skinny, Luminous Peoples While Being A Cheese Fry Eating Slightly Damp Midwest Person, With Neck Pain And No Cartilage In Her Knees, And Hides Entenmann S Cookies Under Her Bed And Unopened Bills Under Her Pillow The Essays In This Collection Draw On The Raw, Hilarious Particulars Of Irby S New Life Wow, No Thank You Is Irby At Her Most Unflinching, Riotous, And Relatable incredible, truly.

I enjoyed Irby s new book immensely, but I do have to wonder if perhaps it s a little less biting and hard hitting because the author is happy Many of the essays in Wow, No Thank You feel a little bit like Erma Bombeck if Erma Bombeck didn t shave her armpits That s not an insult Erma Bombeck is funny and it s a shame she s gone out of style But they re generally kinder and gentler this time around.
Confession time I own a copy of We Are Never Meeting in Real Life that I have never read, which I only own because I was the first person to borrow it from the library, and almost immediately managed to upend an open bottle of iced tea in my book bag, having to replace the copy I bought a new copy for the library, kept the damaged copy, and, because I now owned it, promptly put it on a book shelf, where it still sits This is all to say that, after reading Wow, No Thank You I really need to pull the other off my book shelf and spend some time with Samantha Irby I loved this series of essays Irby is honest and refreshing and said things that were immensely relatable to me, but that I ve never really said out loud to anyone But the entire chapter entitled Girls Gone Mild could really and truly be my life, most especially the do I eat dilemma I do not have Crohn s disease, so really don t know what Irby s pain is like there, but Ido know what it feels like to fear the whims of your gastrointestinal system any time you make social plans So holy moly, could I relate to places in the book where she addresses that I also absolutely adored Late 1900s Time Capsule chapter, where she shares her mixtape tracks Alsohighlyrelatable, despite being unfamiliar with like 90% of the specific songs that she mentions She does a great job of capturing the era of mixtapes, but also the feeling of using music as a teenager early adult to process emotions and wallow, and express feelings you don t know how to on your own To embrace the angst and the things that are being sung about that you definitely don t understand yet, but still feels incredibly important and necessary anyway Ugh yes to all of that, and to hearing those songs bringing you RIGHT back to that place, while also allowing you to look back as an adult and see everything in a totally different light So good So, so good Also, I will be creating her mix in a playlist on Spotify because isn t that what you do when someone provides you with a song list There were a few chapters that worked less well for me Lesbian Bed Death was decidedly not my favorite it was clever enough at first, but went on too long for me Ditto for Hello, 911 except there were a few gems in here, like panic over a place not having online ordering becauseCOME ON Even though there were a couple misses, though, overall I really really enjoyed reading this I actually laughed out loud a few times, and silently said OMG YES because I could relate so much at others So, yeah, check this out, while I go pull her last book off my bookshelf Also, thanks to Netgalley, who provided me with an advanced copy of this wonderful book.