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[ Pdf What Alice Forgot ☆ buddhism PDF ] by Liane Moriarty ç Alice Love Is Twenty Nine, Crazy About Her Husband, And Pregnant With Her First ChildSo Imagine Alice S Surprise When She Comes To On The Floor Of A Gym And Is Whisked Off To The Hospital Where She Discovers The Honeymoon Is Truly Over She S Getting Divorced, She Has Three Kids And She S Actually Years Old Alice Must Reconstruct The Events Of A Lost Decade, And Find Out Whether It S Possible To Reconstruct Her Life At The Same Time She Has To Figure Out Why Her Sister Hardly Talks To Her, And How Is It That She S Become One Of Those Super Skinny Moms With Really Expensive Clothes Ultimately, Alice Must Discover Whether Forgetting Is A Blessing Or A Curse, And Whether It S Possible To Start Over I opened this book on my eReader, tapped my way to the beginning, and then fell into the story headlong without checking the depth of the water first Lucky for me, this story has both incredible depth and breadth I could have safely dived off a hundred foot cliff right into this amazing novel.
This is a family story and there is a ten year time period where the immediate family and their extended families are challenged with several crises a time where many changes happen over a relatively short period of time Some of those changes bring friction along in a suitcase that won t stay closed.
Alice has an accident with some exercise equipment that throws her for a loop right away She hates the gym and exercise why was she even here The problem was that she couldn t attach herself to a today or a yesterday or even a last week She was floating helplessly above the calendar like an escaped balloon.
Alice lost her memory of the past 10 years and was having great difficulty coming to terms with what was apparently her current life Her future self puzzled her, embarrassed her, mortified her, and made her say I m sorry repeatedly To her frosty husband, to her children, to her neighbours it seems there were very few people that she hadn t offended or upset or hurt somehow.
This story is about how Alice s younger self decides she is going to change what the future looks like so that when her memory returns, everything will be back to normal again It is heartwarming and sometimes cringe worthy It is moving enough to bring tears to one s eyes several times throughout.
This is Liane Moriarty at her best telling fascinating family stories with relatable characters and excellent plot development I have no idea how she kept track of the perspectives of the various characters in this book and wrote them so convincingly and congruently This book was 5 Stars worth of enjoyment for me, and I highly recommend it Rating ClarificationFirst half of the book 2.
5 StarsSecond half of the book Solid 4 StarsEpilogue Undeniably 5 StarsFirst off, What Alice Forgot is so different from my normally preferred genres This adult fiction covers a broad array of topics that frankly scare the shiz out of me, including divorce, death, infertility and a complete breakdown of the family unit If I would have known the heavy topics this book grappled with, I might have called a pass, but in the end I m glad I gave this Aussie book a chance Well worth it As you can tell from my Rating Clarification, the first part of the book is a bit difficult to get through IMHO, but once the story hits mid stride, I fell into Alice s journey and the cadence of the storytelling had me hypnotized I m so glad I stuck with this book to the end, because it was definitely a conclusion that left me hopeful and encouraged after the long, challenging journey that Alice went through to get her memory back.
The writing is clever as it covers the events in the third person, but intermittently includes journal entries and letters written by the MC s sister, Elisabeth, and her adopted grandmother, Frannie, which do a great job of offering a different perspective One of the book credits state this story is a romantic comedy and at times I asked myself, Are they serious What s so funny and comedic about Alice s situation But then somewhere along the line Alice begins to fall into her own and I relaxed right along with her to eventually realize, it s all going to be just fine.
About the book On a typical hectic day for Alice, she wakes up from a head injury to find that she s lost the last ten years of her memory The current year is 2008, but the last she can remember is dated back to 1998 In those ten years, she finds her marriage is in the middle of a messy divorce, she s had three children all with a unique style about them, friends she once had have drifted apart and others have died But most importantly, as she begins to see her older self through a different lens, she realizes, she s not that happy with who she s become.
This story is truly a journey of self revelation as it forces you to look at yourself from a different perspective to see who you ve become and what you ve chosen to do with your life It made me ask myself Would my younger self like what I ve become today Do I still take the time to enjoy life and the people that I love Have I become so caught up in the fast pace of every day that I no longer stop to realize what s important to me and who I need to embrace All very deep seeded emotional considerations that I will ponder for quite some time Great book that should NOT be missed.
Thank you to Tina for lending me this great read Crystal, you re next Hope you enjoy.
If I were to forget the last ten years of my life, and wake up with no memory of those ten years.
what would I regret What would surprise me What would make me proud Which relationships have changed for the better, which ones have changed for the worst This book really made me think Have I evolved into the person, wife, and mother that I envisioned ten years ago My poor husband had to listen to my thoughts almost chapter by chapter He is such a good sport I liked so much about this book I love a happy ending I liked the letters that Frankie wrote Phil I liked the letters Elizabeth wrote her therapist I loved Elizabeth I love how the story was told through the different perspectives loved the young Alice and learned to love the old Alice How fun to be lost in a book As a warning there is some bad language.
Pedestrian The writing, the story, the characters all just too pedestrian There was nothing that lifted this book in to the realm of interesting, or even mildly interesting It s the sort of book I keep in the glove compartment of my car I know I m never going to read it but there is always the possibility view spoiler especially with the vehicles I drive hide spoiler I put What Alice Forgot on hold so many times that I felt like a receptionist at a medical center It s so unfair to do this to a book, but I ll blame life, because it just happens I was also a bit hesitant reading my second novel by Liane Moriarty I had loved The Husband s Secret, and sometimes it s difficult for an author to write another equally successful novel Thanks to this author, Alice was always amazingly fresh in my mind, every time I would start reading again There are not a lot of books that could have survived all the interruptions this one had.
After Alice suffers amnesia from a gym accident, she awakens as the woman she was mentally ten years earlier in an older, younger looking body to a foreign lifestyle and surrounded by many friends she doesn t even know If that isn t difficult enough to have to struggle with, she has three children who were born during those lost years, and she finds out she is divorcing the husband she adores.
All the other characters in this novel contributed greatly to the storyline Each one was so unique and endearing, with their own lives closely woven into Alice s Moriarty had me cheering for them, also.
I thought the concept of losing the last ten years of your life made a very fascinating storyline Going through the journey with Alice trying to right the mistakes and accept the realities was filled with heartache, frustration, suspense, surprises, and plenty of laughter.
Highly recommend to those who want an entertaining book with likable characters.
5 starsLooks like I found a new, dependable author.
Alice appears to be a popular name for book titles Alice in Wonderland Go Ask Alice Still Alice and now, What Alice Forgot Luckily, none of them are the same Alice This one fell on the wayside as I thought I had already read the Alice book Moriarty has a talent for weaving emotional themes into a story and still have them appear light and playful This novel was no exception The premise was enticing Alice is in her regular Friday spin class and falls off, bumps her head and loses 10 years of her life And just like Humpty, she needs to be put back together again She awakes forever 29 wouldn t we all want to be there and finds not only does she have 3 children whom she doesn t remember, but is going through a divorce and is estranged from her sister The pieces, however, just don t seem to fit back so neatly into place She doesn t like the woman she has become and has been given a chance to change the direction of her life Back to the way it was when her relationships made sense and didn t get lost in the frenzied life of minutia The jigsaw comes together for the reader through the structure Moriarty uses Alice is the main POV but cleverly Moriarty gives us a fuller story through her sister s letters to her psychologist and her Grandmother s writings A thoroughly enjoyable read 4 Hold your ponies I read this book years ago I still have a physical copy For some reason my review has disappeared but I came here to share with anybody who has not read it and is interested it s a 1.
99 Kindle Special today This was one of my favorite books by Liane Moriarty It s FUNNY FUN.
I remember once getting hurt on a spin bike at the gym actually bleeding Paul laughed In those days he did rigorous competitive mountain biking and had never been hurt ha, wish that story still held true for him.
But point is how many people do you know get hurt on a spin bike The story is really fun.
You can expand your imagination as much as you want.
What things in your life would you love to never remember Totally forget Any Ha Goodreads wanted to forget the old review I wrote LolHaha no problem Enjoyable I don t give out a lot of 5 stars THIS Was worth it Spoke to me on several levels In fact parts were painful to read since it felt like Moriarty was describing my life, and I didn t like what I saw I think you can describe this as Chick Lit which I normally wouldn t be thrilled to read, but dang I LOVED this book for so many reasons I m 39, I have 3 kids, my husband is in the middle of the crazy part of his career and travels a TON, I can t seem to say no to anything volunteering at school, church, scouts you name it And lately I m going slightly insane with it all Yeah all points are the same for Alice I didn t hit my head and forget the last ten years of my life and so far I m keeping my marriage together but it sure makes ya think twice Easily the best takeaway from this book is the way everyone around Alice finds they are seeing their OWN lives in reflection to Alice s memory of them from ten years ago And they don t much like what they see either Alice of course isn t very happy about the changes made in her life and through witty remarks and often hilarious mis discoveries she works out what has happened to her in the past ten years including meeting her children for the first time Favorite scene When the oldest daughter is in BIG trouble and instead of immediate punishment, they simply spend some time with her and sure enough SHE shares what happened in a much meaningful way than yelling at her ever would have done LOVED That.
I sure could have done with less F words Seemed a bit egregious, didn t mean to but I stopped counting at 10 by half way through the book Makes ya think What have I done in the past ten years What did I want to become What HAVE I become And what would I change if I could What Alice Forgot, Makes me want to remember to become a better person by the time I m 49 This is seriously going to evoke an amazing book club discussion.
I found What Alice Forgot to be a humorous, uplifting and an enjoyable book with the right balance of heartache The concept was interesting with a little mystery to it as well.
Alice has a fall at the gym and loses her memory of the last 10 years I really enjoyed how the story was told through Alice s eyes as I learned how she has changed and also the people around her as she pieces the events of the last 10 years together She remembers the people around her and their situations as they were 10 years ago and given little clues which creates the mystery of how the events of their lives have changed and shaped who they are today What Alice Forgot gets 5 bright stars from me because I had a bright smile after finishing reading this novel.