Download Epub Format ☆ Van de koele meren des doods PDF by à Frederik van Eeden

Download Epub Format ☆ Van de koele meren des doods PDF by à Frederik van Eeden Incredibly boring, long read about the uninteresting life of some whiny girl It was terrible I know it s supposedly deep and intelligent, but I couldn t like it I only read it because I had to.
Cold and hysterical if I am not mistaken.
Van de koele meren des doods Behoort Samen Met De Kleine Johannes Tot De Bekendste Werken Van Frederik Van Eeden Het Is Een Van De Meest Gelezen En Herlezen Nederlandse Romans En Is Nog Even Indrukwekkend Als Toen Het Verscheen In Van de koele meren des doods Beschrijft Van Eeden Met Groot Psychologisch Inzicht Het Leven Van Een Jonge Vrouw Hedwig Marga De Fontayne Is Van Goede Komaf, Maar Erfelijk Belast En Labiel Ze Worstelt Met Het Huwelijk, Met Haar Idee N Over De Liefde En Haar Lustgevoelens Totaal Ontredderd En Verslaafd Aan Morfine Eindigt Ze In Parijs, Waar Ze Zich Prostitueert Om Aan Geld Te Komen Na Een Verblijf In Het Ziekehuis Krabbelt Zij Uiteindelijk Weer Overeind Haar Laatste Dagen Slijt Zij In Nederland, In De Functie Van Liefdezuster, Een Haast Naamloze Verschijning It is very rich in descriptions of the inner state of the protagonist, her feelings and her thoughts, even so that when someone actually spoke, it occurred to me that in fact the first part of the book was almost void of conversations.
About half way through the book and after so many pages detailing the inner life of the protagonist, I got the feeling I wanted some action instead At that moment changes happened indeed, and I rushed through the rest of the book enjoying it very much.
very, very beautiful book Did not hate it as much as I thought I would Actually, I kind of liked it.
Maybe the hardest time I ever had trying to get trough a book Extremely depressing boring and punishing.

This book was so boring But the ending was really weird One chapter was one page I didn t like this book at all, but I had to read it for Dutch classes.
I d loved Hedwig s Journey by Frederik van Eeden, translated from Dutch It s very poetic which I love The cheerful, commonplace strains of the band lulled the lower sphere of their souls into calm contentment, above which they seemed to gaze hand in hand at the silent splendour of the sea, while above and over it all there came to Hedwig a feeling as if she were wandering alone and in silence through time, and saw all the space of days and hours, and gathered a bouquet of the fairest flowers which bloomed in the fields of time, and she bound it gently with this day, like a grey ribbon with edges of rich gold It is an intriguing study of a woman s mind that still rings true today, made even special because it was written by a man in the early 1900s.
As with many teenagers nowadays, Hedwig finds it difficult to grow up and treatment for depression leads to an addiction She learns the hard way not to confuse love with lust Yet it is also a very uplifting novel as it tells us how Hedwig puts her life in order by making her own choices.
Hedwig s Journey has an international appeal, starting in a small Dutch provincial town, travelling through England, then across the channel to end up Paris.
This is a rather difficult book to get through Her craziness, the weird way of handeling things, the things she suffers and the way it is described I don t think it was an easy book to read at all The book gave me the idea that it just had to end badly, with her being such a tragic character, but I was happily surprised The peaceful and happy ending may have been in contrast with the rest of the story, but I appreciated it because it shows that things can turn out well in the end Even if it seems impossible Sometimes I doubt whether such an ending would be possible for real, but oh well I think I can still enjoy it in the book.