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Download Epub Format ✓ The Midwife's Confession PDF by ó Diane Chamberlain The first book I ever read by Diane Chamberlain was Necessary Lies and I loved it To this day, I remain impacted by its story and the historical issues I learned about So needless to say, I jumped at the chance to read another one of Ms Chamberlain s women s fiction novels I know it s unfair to compare an author s books, but as a reader with a fair amount of natural expectation, I can t help it My reading experience with The Midwife s Confession was good but I was hoping for awesome I m not sure if there were too many past and present characters storylines or if I just wasn t connecting with the characters the way I have with other books maybe a combination of the two , but my lack of investment definitely affected my overall enjoyment However, let me add that I was genuinely intrigued by the mystery element in this novel and my heart was hurting when I heard what the midwife s confession actually was At around the thirty to forty percent mark I thought I had it all figured out and was a bit insulted Ms Chamberlain would write a story that was so predictable, but oh was I wrong There were definitely some revelations I didn t see coming and that s always fun Despite any negativity written in this review, I would recommend The Midwife s Confession to others who enjoy women s fiction with some family drama and mystery elements Even though I didn t love it, I did like it and there s nothing wrong with that My favorite quoteThere s no big mystery to it Noelle Doctors today would like you to think that there is They make you think you need drugs and C sections, that s surgery that cuts the baby out of you, and all sorts of sophisticated interventions to have a baby And sometimes you do A good midwife needs to know when it s safe for a woman to have a baby at home and when it s not But it s not rocket science I have to stop reading Chamberlain s books I have to I read the reviews on here and thought it would be better than the last one I read, but it was not Stop reading now if you don t want spoilers.
In this story Noelle is a midwife and she has a lot of secrets She also has two best friends, Emerson and Tara One night, for reasons that no one knows Noelle ends her own life This leads Emerson and Tara on a quest to find out what was going on with their good friend Noelle was hiding a lot They had all been friends for 20 years and somehow she managed to hide five pregnancies, her love for Tara s husband, that she is really Emerson s half sister and she accidentally dropped a baby and switched it to cover it up I still do not understand what Noelle being in love with Sam had to do with the rest of the story I felt like it was just thrown in there and had no reason I could have lived without that story line There was PLENTY going on without it The five pregnancies were also not needed She was secretly a surrogate five times and, while I understand the author was trying to show she was doing it to pay a penance it just seemed a bit over the top I want to like Chamberlain s books, I really do She writes such great characters, but then she just piles on so much they get lost in it all It would have been a compelling story to just have Noelle commit suicide, have Emerson be the secret half sister and deal with the death of her infant and switch of the baby All the other things that were going was just than the book needed I would have liked depth to some of the relationships instead.
5 stars What a nail biter An absolute labyrinth of twists, turns and just when you think you ve got it all figured out bam another shocking revelation Ok not all were the unexpected, knock your socks off type revelation, some where the damn I knew it, kind, but still, quite a gut wrenching rollercoaster ride I loved the seamlessly woven alternating narration from key characters and the flashbacks to past events I loved the complexities of the mother daughter relationships, I loved the bond between best friends Noelle, Tara Emerson and I loved Chamberlain s portrayal of their bond following Noelle s suicide The realness of their feelings the shock, the guilt, the questions, the anger, the betrayal, the love, the quest for answers, the desire to set things right.
Following the death of my mother a long buried secret was uncovered that came as quite a shock to our entire family so many of Tara Emerson s emotions were also familiar to me When your knowledge of someone you love is so emphatically challenged it rocks your entire world The Midwife s Confession is a powerful and moving landscape of love, friendship, grief, suicide, lies, guilt, life shattering secrets.
If you re hankering for an extremely compelling read with a poignant depth of emotion and a blistering pace then don t miss out on this one There s a small handful of authors who you know can be relied upon to hook you in from page one, take you swooping through twists and turns of story, with well written and likeable characters and the feeling when you come out of the wringer at the other end that you ve thoroughly enjoyed a really, really good book and can t wait for her next Jodi Picoult s one Heather Gudenkauf is another And then there s Diane Chamberlain This was everything I want in a book secrets, love, friendship, redemption, mysteries, discoveries wonderful stuff I loved the multiple perspectives on the developing story through shifts in narrator and time I remember Diane saying on her blog that she hadn t originally written in Noelle what a different book that would have been, as she provides a really strong emotional centre to the story A really excellent book and I can t wait for her next Thanks to netgalley for providing an advance reading copy for my Kindle.
Oh dear, regrettably this novel reads like a cheap soap opera Here s my quick run down of the plot in note form I will include a spoiler here for the uninitiated and call the women A, B and C view spoiler Women A, B and C are best friends C kills herself, A and B find out that C has known she is B s half sister since they met at college but has kept the knowledge to herself C is a midwife she has helped deliver A s baby and after a terrible accident, A s baby is killed C swaps A s dead baby for a live one But A and B do not discover this until C has committed suicide hide spoiler

I have read many Diane Chamberlain books, and this was one of my favorites thus far.
Dear Anna,What I have to tell you is difficult to write, but I know it will be far difficult for you to hear, and I m so sorry The unfinished letter is the only clue Tara and Emerson have to the reason behind their close friend Noelle s suicide Everything they knew about Noelle her calling as a midwife, her passion for causes, her love for her friends and family described a woman who embraced life.
Diane Chamberlain has become an author I like and want to read all her books She is talented, coming up with creative and heartbreaking stories that will stick with you for a few days The Midwife s Confession is one that puts fear into you, making you think of what if this happens to me throughout the book Diane also has a talent of making you feel bad for a character, even with all her faults.
I highly recommend this book if you have a long commute, because you will not want to stop reading this book There are so many twists and turns it will leave you breathless.
Loved it, easy read with many new twists and turns Yes, at times unbelievable but a page turner for sure I love her style.
I don t even know how to write this without spoilers so consider this your big spoiler alert.
Ugh My apologies to Diane Chamberlain, who I m sure is a nice woman with lots of ideas and talent, but The Midwife s Confession gives fiction a bad name I feel rather strongly that fiction has a lot to offer than escapism or entertainment I feel its medium is especially suited to teach namely empathy and understanding for the multitude of life experiences we ll most likely never have as individuals Additionally, I have learned from Tolstoy and Stagner and Steinbeck and Stockett and many others that no matter our color or religion or age or gender, we are all a lot similar than it seems So are our relationships with others Toss in some history, geography, or any area of expertise governing, medicine, cooking, sports, kite flying , a few conflicts for flavor, steady it with good writing and better editing, and, voila, you ve got yourself some quality fiction What does not make quality fiction is unbelievable, unlikely and ridiculous drama Again, those kinds of stories may be entertaining to some but it feels like such a waste of pages and ink to me What can possibly be the purpose of reading about three women who meet at college and become BFFs and all live in the same town and all still hang out regularly together unlikely until one of them unexpectedly commits suicide Is it likely that those who have been adopted relate to becoming a midwife because they happened to be given to the midwife who delivered them unbelievable Or that they identify with the woman who secretly discovers the names of her birth parents while moving her adoptive mother s furniture because she kept her daughter s birth file in an old swivel chair unlikely Maybe we can glean a bit of that universal human condition by reading about about happens when you accidentally drop your newborn baby niece that was just born to your sister who thinks you re really just her old RA from college turned friend because you were high on prescription drugs that you secretly take due to a back injury from a car accident that happened on the night you slept with your best friend s fiance who you will always love even though he then marries your best friend so you become engaged to his partner but use your old lover as your attorney to arranges the paperwork for the five surrogate children you secretely deliver to help you atone for the fact that you replaced the dead baby that you hid in your purse at the hospital, stealing a baby from a woman in a coma who now has another daughter who needs a bone marrow transplant but now this secret niece of yours who was raised by your secret sister of yours discovers that she is the stolen baby and maybe can save her real sister s life by donating her genetically similar bone marrow No And don t get me started on the jolted first person narratives between five or six or seven different women It s like she didn t know how to write one story so she just changed to have someone narrate when they needed to express how they felt or what was going on in their life or what secret they had I never really like this style but Chamberlain s use of it felt downright lazy Like I said unbelievable, unlikely, ridiculous Criminal Stupid.
Dear Anna,What I Have To Tell You Is Difficult To Write, But I Know It Will Be Far Difficult For You To Hear, And I M So Sorry The Unfinished Letter Is The Only Clue Tara And Emerson Have To The Reason Behind Their Close Friend Noelle S Suicide Everything They Knew About Noelle Her Calling As A Midwife, Her Passion For Causes, Her Love For Her Friends And Family Described A Woman Who Embraced LifeYet There Was So Much They Didn T KnowWith The Discovery Of The Letter And Its Heartbreaking Secret, Noelle S Friends Begin To Uncover The Truth About This Complex Woman Who Touched Each Of Their Lives And The Life Of A Desperate Stranger With Love And Betrayal, Compassion And Deceit