↠´ Space in the Heart Ñ Download by Í Rodney Walther

↠´ Space in the Heart Ñ Download by Í Rodney Walther This is a novel whose characters and plot are driven by themes of grief, regret, and second chances Each main character is memorably drawn, although I have to say I loved Zoey Such a unique character, filled with personality, teenage moodiness and her striving to be an independent person Being in a wheel chair sets her apart, obviously, yet Walther s strongly and aptly developed character allows us to sit in her chair as we read The three wounded characters have deep conflicts and all are on a journey of growth The relationships feel real and the conflicts hard to solve which make Space in the Heart an excellent read.
I ll admit, I read this book because the author is my uncle It wasn t something I would usually pick up, but I found myself enjoying it It excels at putting characters in uncomfortable situations and creating lots of conflict This made it exciting to read The chapters often end at great cliffhangers However, at times I found the story to be cliche or hard to believe but that didn t ruin the book for me I d recommend this book.
Very enjoyable, heart warming book.
Rodney Walther is an accomplished author I thoroughly enjoyed Space in the Heart and didn t want it to end Perhaps there will be a follow up The characters inhabiting this story feel real I care about them I m interested in their lives The plot is believable and intriguing The dialogue is superb A well crafted story with some surprises I love twists, hate predictability.
This is the second Walther book I have read He s quickly becoming a favorite author This book is probably one of the best books I have read I am so honored to have received this book in a good reads first reads giveaway It made me sad at times and also happy at other times I highly recommend This was a wonderful book It touches so many parts of life from teen middle school angst to learning to let go of the past and finding your life path Zoey is a 14 year old who has spent 12 of those years in a wheelchair Danica is a tv journalist , who has covered many stories including one that concerns Zoey and her dad, garrison How the three come together makes a great book.
Before His Wife Was Murdered, Astronaut Garrison Sterling Couldn T Wait To Rocket Into Space On His First Shuttle Mission Now He Merely Survives, One Day At A Time, Blaming Himself For The Events That Put His Wife In A Grave And His Daughter Zoey In A Wheelchair And He Struggles To Raise Zoey, A Headstrong Teenager Who Longs For Independence And Rebels Against His Overprotective Ways Danica Cortez, Houston S Favorite Morning News Anchor, Dreams Of Practicing Real Journalism Instead Of Forever Reading Teleprompters When She Witnesses A Plane Crash And Rescues The Only Survivor A US Senator Danica Becomes A National Hero But Her Journalistic Instincts Tell Her That There Is To The Story, Leading Her Not Only To Confront A Powerful Politician But Also To Face The Greatest Regret Of Her Past, Her Role In The Tragic Story That Launched Her Career When Garrison And Danica Meet, They Sense An Instant Attraction They Take Those Tentative First Steps Toward Love Even As They Wrestle With Competing Priorities The Needs Of His Daughter And The Demands Of Her Career Now Their Journey, Like His Planned Spaceflight, Might Be Over Before It Begins Because A Dark Secret Threatens To Destroy Their Relationship Forever A good, honest, enjoyable story.
Someone in my book club selected this book The conversations were contrived, the characters unlikeable and the ending predictable.
We are proud to announce that Space in the Heart by Rodney Walther is a B.
Medallion Honoree This tells a reader that this book is well worth their time and money