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[ Read Online More Than This Ë international-relations PDF ] by Jay McLean ✓ When Mikayla Imagined Her Prom Night, She Envisioned A Fairy Tale Evening Full Of Romance So When Betrayal And Tragedy Come In Quick Succession, Mikayla Is Completely Destroyed Suddenly, Everything She Loved And Everyone She Relied On Are Tragically, Irrevocably GoneJake, A Handsome Boy She Just Met, Happens To Witness Her Loss With No One To Turn To, Mikayla Is Forced To Depend On This Near Stranger And His Family, And He In Turn Is Determined To Take Care Of Her But Mikayla Thrust Into Adulthood With No One To Guide Her Is Desperate To Contain Her Grief And Hide What She Considers To Be Her Weakness Mikayla And Jake Both Want , But Despite Their Growing Closeness And Intense Chemistry, She Tries To Keep Her Distance And Protect Her Heart As He Does Everything In His Power To Win Her Trust, Mikayla Must Choose Between Remaining Alone And Safe Or Letting Love In 2.
5 StarsMaybe I ve just read too many things similar to this and thus the blush is off the rosebut this pretty much sums it up for me Don t get me wrong, Jake was cute and I liked him and allbut Kayla and her cock teasing ways were really starting to make me want to slap a bitch.
Two words Blue Balls Not nice, Kayla Even I was getting sexually frustrated, and I don t even have balls Something else random that annoyed me This quote If I compare my feelings for Jake to my feelings for James, then I know I ve never loved anyone before NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT NOT EVEN AT ALL.
Gee that sounds familiaroh yes, it s from my favorite Heath Ledger movie of all time, which I have watched probably a million times when I was a broke college student with only a VCR and some VHS favorites gasp notice the last two linesI m sure it s coincidence, but still Hmmmmmmm SPOILERS ahead It took every ounce of control I had not to DNF this book It s one of the most unrealistic stories I ve ever come across with Here are the reasons why I didn t like it UNREALISTIC PLOT This is a work of fiction, I know But why make the whole thing unbelievable to the extreme Mikayla found out one day that her boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend That same day, she also met the gorgeous guy with a sexy Aussie accent named Jake and well, instantly felt attracted to him THAT VERY SAME DAY, she experienced great loss when her family members were murdered The next day, she became part of Jake s family and Jake s family offered her shelter even if she s a complete stranger Okay, I don t mean to sound so selfish and insensitive here because the girl lost everything she had, but honestly, all shit happened in one day MIKAYLA Mikayla is also one of those unbelievable heroines ever existed She just lost everything but I couldn t believe her way of coping It didn t take her a week to move on She can even laugh with Jake s friends and she even had time to entertain such unnecessary thoughts like how Jake is so damn sexy and how his accent always gets her and so forth and so on INSTA LOVE YES Insta love big time SIDE CHARACTERS Why everyone that is close to Jake treats Mikayla like the way they treat an old time friend confuses me How did these people instantly warm up to her They ve just met her and then, just like that So unbelievable TOO MUCH JEALOUSY AND INSECURITIES ALL OVER THE PLACE Nuff said I cannot bring myself to recommend this book to others because it s completely over the top Much as I tried, I just couldn t like this book I was groaning inwardly and rolling my eyes at every scene Ugh Overall, this book wasn t for me I didn t feel connected to everything Rating 1 Star 4.
5 STARS More Than This is book one in the More Than series by Jay McLean This book was recommended to me by two different friends but I hadn t really read many reviews so it took me by completely by surprise I WAS NOT prepared for all the feels, and let me tell you, there are plenty And the hotness factor, oh my gosh, was off the charts Mikayla is eighteen years old, just two weeks away from graduation, and it s prom night She is going with her boyfriend of four years, James, and her best friend, Megan Mikayla has a wonderful family, her parents and little sister She and James have their college all picked out and everything is perfect This night is going to be perfect or so she thought The night that started out with so much promise ended up being the night that forever changed her life, her future It was a night of betrayal and horror That is also the night she met JakeHow can everything, EVERYTHING, be taken from me instantlyJake is also eighteen years old He is a star pitcher and as his parents would say, kind of a big deal His college scholarship is in place, his future set He just happened to be at the same restaurant as Mikayla that night, Jake with his own friends, when he witnessed the beginning of the downfall of Mikayla s night So like her very own prince charming, he rescued her He introduced her to his friends who accepted her immediately as one of the group Little did they know what the rest of the evening had in store for them After the horrors of that night, Jake s family takes her in and Jake is by her side every step of the way He is her strength, her rock She can t stand to be away from him for even a minute As the days and weeks progress, their bond strengthensShe s just than anyone else We haven t slept together, we haven t even kissed, and she s justThis book is full of the healing power of love Jake s family and friends take Kayla in as one of their own, never hesitating Jake is patient, never asking of her than she is willing to shareHey, Jake Yeah, Kayla He s almost asleep I than a lot like you It s quiet for so long I don t know if he heard me.
Then, I than a lot like you too, so much than a lotJake knows he is in love with Kayla but he can t tell her, not yet He s afraid she s not ready to hear it, or what if she doesn t feel the same way Kayla knows she is in love with Jake as well But she s broken How can she give herself to him when she s brokenI m scared So scared That I won t be enough And that I ll never really have him My JakeThese two were only eighteen years old but forced to deal with things that no adult should ever be faced with But this book was really a story of the healing power of love Jake, his family and his friends all giving Mikayla the love and strength she needs to get through the most difficult of times This book is full of so many fantastic quotes The chemistry between these two freaking electric And wow, the ending That was a shocker Well, two shockers actually The author knows just how to make us want to come back and read the next book It worked because now I m hooked and will have to continue on with book two, More Than Her, and get Logan s storyIt s just you It s only ever been just you It will always only ever be just you In the beginning I was having a fair amount of fun I always enjoy contemporary reads and people had been recommending this series for a while now Logan and Lucy s books in particular so those are the ones I m anticipating the most.
I really tried to like this book and for a moment I thought I was going to but the characterization was so poor There was no arc at all, either.
I was legit concerned about Mikayla s mental health because that girl did not mourn whatsoever I m not saying she had to be crying on bed but can we all agree on the fact that she bottled up everything and just carried on with Jake s drama No one ever even suggested her to go see a therapist and while Jake and his family and friends were there for her, Mikayla had a life before Jake and she supposedly had friends but she was left alone by almost everyone.
I remember this trope that is, mostly, popular in contemporary romance books where the female lead leaves her life behind in order to adapt to her counterpart because suddenly all of her friends were fake or she did not have any No relatives, nothing and that s exactly what happened here just that in this case Mikayla s family was murdered and she doesn t do anything than space out sometimes and that s it, because when Mikayla thinks about her family, it s always from Jake s POV so we don t have the process of grieving, accepting and moving on while honoring them.
The only time we see Mikayla dealing with her family s death in a healthy way was on Emily s birthday and that part was nice but even then a lot of it revolved around Jake.
It seems like I m nitpicking and maybe I am but there was no depth to the main characters I mean, we don t even know how they are adjusting to college life and how their classes go and if they have made new friends and work because that is never discussed I don t know what kind of shit Mikayla and Jake even like I enjoyed the last few chapters of the book than the rest of it but ffs, I hated all that name calling and how Jake and Mikayla could not even stand other people around the other without getting sick with jealousy and it was so fucking stupid, I almost close the book several times I swear, if I read slut, tramp and bitch one time, I was going to have a stroke.
Anyway, I hope the series get better as it goes because I did not like these one dimensional characters with only two personality traits horny and jealous.
3 Stars Great story, but left me slightly conflictedThis book had such a powerful, gripping start that broke my heart and made me anxious for the complex story I presumed would follow Instead, I found that the middle strayed considerably from the intensity and intrigue of its promising beginning That s not to say that I didn t enjoy what this story offered, because I did But I felt some major issues were never fully explored while certain trivial issues were intensified Luckily, the ending delivered some of that awesomeness I was longing for More Than This kicks off to a highly intense start We are introduced to Mikayla, who is having a pretty crappy prom night, only to learn than things will shortly go from bad to worse Or, accurately, from bad to utterly devastatingAnd I Was Floored But, even in the midst of a world shattering tragedy, Makayla was granted a silver lining, and his name was Jake Andrews.
Jake quickly became Kayla s rock, and an undefined but intense relationship was formed This is where the plot started to lose me a bitThe ever popular jealousy and mistrust issues were a nice source of tension, at first, but then the book began to flood with it until it was page after page ofwhy are you talking to that guy why is that girl staring at youlittle conundrums In moderation, this would have worked wonders But it became far too consuming and began to downplay the original depth of the plot.
That said, there were really terrific elements that persuaded me to hang on to this story The strong family friendship dynamic was heartwarming and I loved that each character displayed their own personal redemption There were many laugh out loud moments, and the characters were well developed and extremely hard NOT to love Jake and Kayla had an amazing, solid connection, even if they were hesitant to define it Jake was like an undercover alpha He was sweet, caring, warmand then BAM Jake unleashes his possessive, dominant side that was both highly sexy and slightly bewildering I thought maybe he d have a sort of back story explaining his insecurities and extreme mood shifts, but I guess he just had a fun little caveman side However, he was a true sweetheart and an amazingly sexy hero Although this story did sometimes yoyo my emotions, overall, it was a great read with beautiful messages of pain, healing, friendship, and love Its concept was refreshing and unique, and I m looking forward to Logan s story Book Stats Genre Category Romance New Adult Steam Caliber High Very steamy Romance Intense and healing Reluctant Characters Sexy, possessive, and sweet hero Damaged, funny, lovable heroine Plot Shifted focus at times, but an overall solid, emotional execution Writing Engaging, humorous, and intense POV 1st Person Alternating dual perspectives Cliffhanger None Next Installment Character spinoff Logan Jay McLean I FUCKING LOVE YOU Seriously your words, this story, the characters, the emotions THE GODDAMN EMOTIONS It just blew me away You blew me away I can t believe that this is a debut novel God I love Indie authors So seriously dude I know some people out there have been haters, due to a few grammatical errors etc, but seriously If you re that into the story you don t worry about those things But I saw that you said you re fixing the errors.
Ok now onto this story Shit peeps I can t write a proper review about it it s awesomeness so I m cheating and doing a GIF review so I ll try not to spoil anything It all starts the night of Prom Mikayla Is getting ready with her parents and waiting for Best Friend Megan and Boyfriend of 4 years JamesAnd I was like penis, penis penis, ohhhh Like penis penis penis, noooooo like penis, penis penis, ooohhhh I thought you d always be mine, mineThey all head to a diner to eat before PromI feel the Vomit creeping up my throat and make a noise trying to keep it down.
Enter Jake Andrews BTW TOTALLY MY NEW BOOK BOYFRIENDYou heading to Senior Prom He asks Yeah, I sigh I mean, yeah I was I don t think so any To yours or any Okay well he clears his throat again I mean you can come to mine I have a spare ticket and it would be a shame to waste a ticket and it would be a shame to waste that amazing dress You look beautiful by the way I m swear I m not a pyscho, he continues Look, I just don t think you should let bad people dictate what should be a good time Come hang out with me and my friendsThen for a fair amount of scenes hanging out with Jake s friends, Logan, Cam, Heidi, Lucy and Dylan I was a bit likeHi Mikayla It s nice to meet you, she says quietly, then resumes reading I look over at Cameron who just shrugs She s on the last few chapters of some book she s reading She can t stay away from it We re used to it now, we always find her reading at the oddest times I smile at Lucy What are you reading She looks up at me and blushes a little, um, it s called the Sea of Tranquilty, it s by Josh Bennett, rightBut then Well thenI know it s too strange, and I know it might be circumstantial Like we shared and experience and that somehow made us closer, but Lisa, Kayla looks up at us now Jake, he makes things hurt a little less He he s home for me right nowAnd although you re fucking heart is ripped out of your body Jake Andrews is A FUCKIN MAZING You swoon Totally swoonHe s not the hearts and flowers kind of guy, but he s the heart and soul kind, and fuck if every girl would rather that then flowers.
Hey Jake Yeah Kayla He s almost asleep I than a lot like you It s quiet for so long I don t know if he heard me.
Then, I than a lot like you too, so much than a lotThen James shows up again But then we are back to JakeIt feels so intimate, like we re than what we are I know I want to be I want to be than this.
Nothing says awkward like coming in your pants while dry humping.
We re testing each other Seeing how far we can take this before something snaps Most likely my dick.
Jake, I can t, I can t be than this, not now, not yetThe last page The last fucking page NOTE THERE IS NO CLIFFHANGER IT S JUST THE LAST PAGE CHANGES INTO SOMEONE ELSE S POV AND THE SHIT THEY THINK WHOA So yep all in all A LOT OF SHIT HAPPENS IN THIS BOOK And you will be annoyed with sexual tension.
but it just makes it better makes it.
JUST ADDED Author Interview HERESUPER ADORABLE character interview here Jacqueline s Reads 5 STARSI than a lot like you so much than a lotWHERE DO I BEGIN I m just going to be upfront with you I.
LOVED More Than This My Emotions At 1% I had no idea what to expect, my girlfriend recommend it to me, so I said, oh what the heck.
At 1.
1% I KNEW this was going to be something specialAt 8% I am grinning because of all the cuteness At 14% I am in a fit of laughterAt 17% I am like NOOOOO At 38% I am shaking because I love it so muchAt 82% I am crying big fat ugly tearsAt 100% I had a book orgasmYES.
GOOD It all begins with one night Mikayla catches her boyfriend cheating on her with Mikayla s best friend on prom night What an asshole right Well, Jake was at the right place at the right time and suggests Mikayla spend prom night with him and his friends Mikayla agrees.
The whole read was perfection and I really loved the beginning I thought Mikayla Kayla and Jake had an adorable meet cute I am ALL about the damsel in distress story line, so this worked for me The first 20% is really funny and will bring a smile to your face I loved Jake s friends and the McLean wrote some fantastic side characters I LOVED every single one of them from Cam, Lucy, Heidi, Dylan and Logan Lucy is my favorite We should totally be book best friends Then the read shifts and you are just gutted I wasn t expecting it and I was thinking to myself, oh lord, this is something, but it s also fantastic at the same time Because of the shift Kayla and Jake become closer I LOVED this I thought Kayla and Jake were perfectly written characters I loved Kayla I thought she was just this sad broken, but beautiful and you couldn t help, but just want to hug her kind of girl And Jake, LORD, how I love Jake He is the alpha male we girls dream up, he s caring, yet possessive, aggressive and loyal Jake Book Boyfriend Oh and the sexual tension was INTENSE and I LOVED IT Am I using LOVE a lot Maybe, but it s just me being honest I think McLean is an epic writer I was highlighting almost every page, I could quote the whole read I loved More Than This I was absorbed, I laughed, I cried, I was gutted and I SWOONED VERY HARD THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE READ.
5 STARSOh and I can t wait for book 2, More Than Her More Than This does not end on a cliffy Thank You , but you get an intro to More Than Her and oh gosh, I just want this read so BAD.
Okay, enough of me gushing, go read More Than This and then message me so we can talk about it An ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review SPOILER FREE REVIEW mature content reader discretion is advised.
5 STARS out of 5Genre New Adult Romance2013 FAVORITEThat moment when you find a book you love.
and can barely contain your excitement because you want to share it with EVERY ONEIt can t be just me You have to read this book I cannot be alone in this love fest I need my fellow book lovers to read this book ASAP My Casting REVIEWBecause I need to know.
I need to know how she feels and what she wants from me, from this If she wants to be More Than This JakeProm night should be one of the best nights of your teen life right Well, that is not the case for Mikayla For her prom night becomes the night her life forever changed in ways than oneI look over at the cute brunette and wait for a reaction I feel like I should leave, like what I m witnessing is too intimate, too personal But my feet are locked to the floor I have no idea why, but I can t look away I can t walk awayJakeJake and Mikayla meet under horribly embarrassing circumstances, nevertheless they bond and by the end of the night whether they realize it or not they are tied to each other for life.
I spent the beginning of this book an emotional wreck At 3% I was steaming mad At 14% I was happy and laughing my ass off At 17% I get hit right in the back of my head with a sledge hammer It hurt It hurt so damn bad.
As Mikayla tries to reassemble the pieces of her life that are left she becomes close to Jake and his family A guy who barely knows her but now holds her fragile heart in his hands Moving on is not easy yet she slowly does and Jake is right by her side Mikayla quickly learns that Jake is,The Jake Andrews, an all star baseball pitcher and predicted to go pro.
A very close friendship blooms between them at times it is so intimate that I felt like I was intruding on all the moments they would share Jake is careful not to push her in to something she is not ready for But he wants her B A D Not just sex either He wants her All of her.
And she wants him too All of him.
The intensely burning chemistry with these two makes for some very steamy angst filled momentsNothing like a mind blowing orgasm to keep a goofy smile on my face Oh My God Jake Fucking AndrewsMikaylaWe re looking so intently into each others eyes, trying to see into each others souls Talking without speaking Feeling without touchingMikaylaI m two seconds away from exploding and I warn her but she won t fucking stopJakeHe kisses away the tears that have fallen all over my wet face Then he looks at me, really looks at me And then his lips are on mine, and my eyes close because the sensation is so overpoweringMikayla Fave scenes without any major details After prom the bon fire Every scene with Logan The letters The Prince in a Flashback of a young Mikayla being told a story by her momMy ThoughtsThe story is told in dual pov so we get inside both Jake and Mikayla s head which I must say is a true pleasure read THIS BOOK You know you ve struck gold when a book can make youHappy, sad, laugh out loud, swoon, then cry all in the first 20% of reading.
The characters Jake is a total alpha You best not look and you sure as hell better not touch his girl because he won t hesitate to whoop that ass He is also loving, tender, sweet, understanding and patient with Mikayla It is as if he was exactly what she needed and vice versa And yeah, he s kind of a big deal Mikayla this girl goes through so much yet she is still standing talk about recovering from a lost After losing so much you can barely breathe She is just.
WOW Smart, funny and no idea how beautiful she is, inside and out I gave these two a pass for not being able to communicate all of their feelings Which can be frustrating for readers They are both 18, so I feel as though characters under age 22 get passes because they most likely have not had the chance to be in than 1 long term relationship yet Even with my pass they fared well Insecurity was the biggest issue with these two.
The secondary characters will not only catch your attention, they will leave you wanting Mainly Logan, the guy is freaking hilarious I think for me the best part of the secondary character roles are played by the parents The parents carry a strong presence in this book Major thumbs up for that Jay McLean Dear Megan,The ending, no cliffhanger BUT even though we get a sweet epilogue, readers will still get a nice little twist at the end This twist will leave your jaw on the ground Trust me Because even though you could have predicted it So much goes down in the book that you forget about it until its right in front of your face on the page It is literally the last sentence of the bookMy RatingsCharacters lovable, witty and charmingWriting Style Fair, there was excessive usage of slang and a few editing issuesPlot Storyline Strong it will grab you from the first pageSteam Factor High VERY HOTOverall I LOVED IT read IT Now go forth and read Then come tell us about it on Goodreads For reviews got to Copy kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review Find all of my reviews at was going to call this one Hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but my family just croaked so I m going to move in to your house and have a completely unhealthy relationship with you maybe, but I decided to go with something a little classier insteadNothing says awkward like coming in your pants while dry humpingIf you re only interested in the Cliff s Notes version, here it is The long version is Mikayla has been dating her high school boyfriend for four years During her prom she discovers that her best friend has been banging him on the side for two of those years Along comes Jake, a boy from another school with a smexy accent and a hero complex who decides to whisk her away to his own prom for the evening Pretty crap night, huh Ha You ain t seen nuttin yet When Jake returns Mikayla home from their magical evening she discovers her entire family has been murdered annnnnnnnd her house was set on fire by the perp, rendering her homeless Jake once again saves the day and takes her home to his family in order to begin their extremely unhealthy instalovey love affair It is there Kayla can become the most terrifying predator of all and Jake can become a psycho who doesn t like his girl talking to well, pretty much anyone at all We spend the next gazillion 250 or so pages dealing with the budding romance of the girl who has never experienced an O Face and the boy who brings it to her via an epic bout of dry humping Yeah Even though these books are supposedly for adults, these two couldn t possibly do than dry hump and fingerbang until nearly the last page and some fade to black sex Seriously Holy blue balls How old are the people who write these books Have they ever even seen a boy naked Talk about the unsexiest of sexytimes Not to mention the fact that any girl woman who calls her ladygarden the down there is not mature enough to be doing it in the first place EDIT This turd has a 4.
23 rating ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you, NetGalley