Trailer Ì Keeper of the Light PDF by ☆ Diane Chamberlain

Trailer Ì Keeper of the Light PDF by ☆ Diane Chamberlain I cannot even attempt to properly describe this book to you, because it is way better than even the description on the back cover of the book Really, the description of this book is the bare minimum of what it is really about Yes that is the main idea, but there is so much to it Slowly throughout the novel, connections between people, events, and places are being made As I read on, I was realizing and the weaving of the characters and their lives The only way I can describe the ending of this book is BOOM Everything that I thought was going on wasn t even the big deal any Truths are coming out, and the weaving of the characters stands out so much It s absolutely amazing.
I absolutely love the description and details of characters in Diane Chamberlain s novels Every character serves a purpose and was put into the novel for a reason Diane included a woman who caused so much pain even though she is dead, a daughter who is doing anything and everything to get somebody to pay attention, a son who is completely ignoring what has happened, a father and husband who is completely shutting down, one friend who wants to come in and save it all, another friend who is trying to understand what is going on by living through the dead woman, a man who is in love with and setting up his life with the dead woman, and finally, an old lady who knows everybody s secrets Everyone just fits perfectly together by the end of this book It s absolutely amazing how well written Diane Chamberlain s novels are She doesn t forget a single detail.
I did absolutely love it though, like I do all Diane Chamberlain novels She is just a wonderful writer Every one of her books I have rated 5 stars The details of events, places, etc is just amazing Another Diane Chamberlain novel I totally enjoyed even though it was just a little outdated originally published in 1992 It did not, however, detract from the story as the 500 pages just flew by Certainly look forward to reading of DC s books Dr Olivia Simon Is On Duty In The Emergency Room Of North Carolina S Outer Banks Hospital When A Gunshot Victim Is Brought In Midway Through The Desperate Effort To Save The Young Woman S Life, Olivia Realizes Who She Is Annie O Neill The Woman Olivia S Husband, Paul, Is In Love WithWhen Annie Dies On The Operating Table, She Leaves Behind Three Other Victims Alec O Neill, Who Thought He Had The Perfect Marriage Paul, Whose Fixation On Annie Is Unshakable And Olivia, Who Is Desperate To Understand The Woman Who Destroyed Her MarriageNow They Are Left With Unanswered Questions About Who Annie Really Was And About The Secrets She Kept Hidden So Well This book is one of my favorites from Diane Chamberlain An awesome writer Highly recommend all her books.
This was not my favorite of her books but it was still a good book A friend who recently read this said it was too long and I couldn t agree Overall though Diane Chamberlain writes damn good stories that keep you engaged and wanting at every turn of the page.
This is the first book in a trilogy other novels are Kiss River and Her Mother s Shadow Diane s books are always full of complex interesting characters, good plots, family relationships and drama, suspense and many secrets to be revealed in the end.
I have yet to read a Diane Chamberlain book that I didn t really, really enjoy She is so adept at creating multifaceted characters and building her story layer by layer The only bad thing about that is that it makes it hard to briefly summarize because there is so much to tell Keeper of the Light was first published in 1992 but it doesn t feel dated And, I was really glad to find out there is a second book that focuses on Lacey O Neill who was a young teen in book 1.

Time Taken To read 1 dayBlurb From As your husband grieves his mistress, You find yourself falling for the family she left behind But she hid secrets that will destroy himor you Do you tell I m going to die as punishment for all the bad things I ve done You are on duty in the emergency room when, despite your desperate effort, the victim of a gunshot wound loses her life She is Annie O Neill The same woman your husband is in love with Olivia can t watch any longer as her husband the father of her unborn child grieves his adulteress She can t bear the faces who judge her professionalism and brand her guilty She can let it drive her mad, or compete with the wake of perfection Annie has left behind Stepping into Annie s shoes, Olivia finds another life One with an adoring husband and troubled young daughter But the fa ade is cracking with every step she takes Because Annie s life was built on secretsones that will destroy everyone she left behind.
My ReviewFrom reading the blurb on the back I knew I had to get this book Imagine being an ae doctor in a small town when a gunshot victim comes in You have to make some risky and quick decisions and then you realize this is the lady who has come between you and your husband, her life is in your hands When Olivias husband hears of his other womans death he can t take it and leaves his wife, utterly distraught and heartbroken Olivia wants him back and sets about finding out what is so special about the woman who ruined her marriage Her journey finds secrets that could tear lives apart, she learns new insights about herself and makes new friends and enemies along the way.
I went through the motions with this book, I went from liking Olivia to thinking she was pathetic and acting like a door mat The you get into the story the you uncover about the characters and why they have behaved as they did There is a lot of concealed back story that doesn t come out immediately but is tantalizingly revealed as the story unfolds.
The characters are very well done and one or two tends to stay with you The story flips from present day to the past to clarify some of the story but it is done in a way that is very easy to follow There is some sex scenes in the book but nothing too over the top and it is relevant to the part of the story and to emphasize the relationship and feelings I thought this was a fantastic read and have already gotten some from the same author, 5 5 for me.
I absolutely loved this book I m so glad I bought the trilogy.
I m now starting book two.
Oh my god, this book is exactly what I needed The drama and the twists are TOO good.
Unpredictable kept me at the edge of my seat Never thought I d love and enjoy this so much, such a satisfying book Keeper of the Light is a romantic fiction, but it s embedded with lots of lessons that we can apply to work and life It s a story about love, loss, betrayal, forgiveness and starting over As I was reading this book my heart ached so bad.
The story plot is wonderfully paced and the characters are well developed, the main ones are Annie stained glass artist and Alec O Neill veterinary doctor , Dr Olivia Simon surgeon and Paul Macelli journalist Paul Macelli has done a profile on Annie O Neill and has become obsessed with her He tells his wife Dr Olivia Simon about his love for Annie, but stresses that it s one sided on his part and a platonic relationship Paul starts to withdraw from his wife.
In the beginning of the book, a husband goes to a shelter for abused women where Annie volunteers and points a gun at his wife Annie steps in the line of fire and tries to talk the man out of shooting, but he pulls the trigger Annie is rushed to the hospital where Dr Simon works, and she is on duty that night She works hard to save this gun shot victim and at midway through trying to save her, she recognizes that her patient is the woman that her husband is in love with.
Despite that, she fights to save Annie s life, but she loses the battle When she goes home and tells her husband Paul that Annie was shot and died, he completely flips out and packs his bag and leaves The story unfolds, and many people have put Annie on a pedestal and even call her Saint Annie Dr Simon tries to be like Annie, volunteering at the shelter, and taking stained glass classes because she wants to know what this woman had that she doesn t have.