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5 stars Recensie volgt review to come 3,5 An Alternate Cover Edition Can Be Found HereWat Als Je Wraak Kunt Nemen Op Een Heel Dorp Dertien Jaar Na Een Zomer Die Volledig Uit De Hand Liep, Keert Eva Terug Naar Haar Geboortedorp Met Een Blok Ijs In De Kofferbak Gaandeweg Wordt Duidelijk Dat Zij Dit Keer De Plannen BepaaltIn Haar Geboortejaar Werden Slechts Twee Andere Kinderen Geboren In Het Kleine Vlaamse Bovenmeer, Twee Jongens De Drie Maken Er Hun Hele Jeugd Samen Maar Het Beste Van Tot De Bloedhete Zomer Van Want Jongens Worden Pubers En Krijgen Wrede Plannen De Bedeesde Eva Kan Meedoen Of Oprotten Die Keuze Is Geen Keuze Wie Verraadt Er Nou Z N Eigen Vrienden I guess I understand why this books resonates so strongly with a lot of Flemish people Lize Spit s Bovenmeer is in many ways a very familiar town, where butchers hand cheap slices of meat to children, where people still call Twix bars Raiders and where house equipment comes from the ALDI around the corner Add to that a a rather gruesome and shocking plot, and you have a literary mix with great hype potential Sadly, I can t say that it really did the trick for me Although Spit is admittedly very good at observing and creating a credible space for her story, at critical moments in the novel, her characters felt rather onedimensional This lack of depth kind of kills the whole intrigue Keep in mind that Pim, Laurens and Eva, the protagonists, are around the age of 14 throughout the core of the narrative Without giving away too much, I just didn t really believe all of it Let alone the behavior of some of the side characters, which borders on the absurd Like a fellow reviewer pointed out, if someone stumbles into your store with pants covered in blood, you don t just assume it s a bad case of the monthlies What a world that would be Good day miss Oh dear, you seem to be losing an awful lot of blood How dreadful Here, have a tampon Tampax Ultra Wing Stain Absorbing Miracle Plug, only 3,99.
The eventual unraveling of the story is quite ghastly, I guess, although I must say I wasn t blown away Call me a monster, but I ve read shocking scenes than the ones in Het smelt And if the shock factor disappears, well, there s really not all that much left Or rather, you ll be left with a whole lot of pages Het smelt could have done with some restrictive editing Which is not to say that Het smelt god knows how they ll translate the title is a bad book Spit has a way with ending chapters and paragraphs with strong sentences, knows how to construct an idea and succeeds in constructing a slow burning plot with just enough tiny hints A sort of boa constrictor construction, one might say Which would have been fine, if only I could silence the voice in my head that kept calling no way this would ever happen P.
S Interesting parallel with Peter Buwalda s Bonita Avenue A mystery plot with a horrible secret at the core The same focus on sexuality and unstable family situations It seems like a classic in Dutch literature, if you consider books like Tirza or Het diner I still prefer Buwalda s complex and intricate novel over Lize Spit s debut.
EDIT Bumped this one down to two stars It s just not very memorable.
Full review on This Is How We read 4 stars for style, humor and overall great and intelligent writing an extra star for the subject matter nobody can ever overestimate how the events in your childhood can influence the rest of your life Very intense pageturner The whole build up is superb, and the references to typical Flemish customs were delightful.
4 Update decided to bump this to 4.
5 on Goodreads but rounded it up It s still stuck in my head, a lot of Spit s small anecdotes stay with me, and the way she constructed everything to blend together in a beautiful end chapter was just breathtaking in hindsight The characters and plot in this book will stay with me for a long time, and it deserves the hype The best plot driven novel I read this year, and the third best overall.
5 While Lize uses words in a refreshing way the story is childish and regretfully so.

Currently being translated into English under the title The Melting Macmillan This book has created quite a stir Flemish novelist Lize Spit has sold than 100,000 copies of her debut novel in its original Dutch version which, for a Belgian book, is an insane number , the movie rights were sold three days after initial publication, and translation rights are also highly requested 29 year old Spit is supposed to be the new, fresh and edgy voice of Belgium, and as someone who regularly enjoys hanging out in Bruges I was determined to board the hype train and join in the songs of praise for this book Unfortunately, it turns out I don t like it.
We meet Spit s protagonist Eva while she is driving home to the small Flemish village she grew up in and she has a block of ice in her trunk The story slowly reveals what Eva intends to do with it and why, painting an oppressive panorama of a gloomy childhood with parents who are alcoholics, neglect, hopelessness, loneliness, and children s escalating power games that finally result in a terribly brutal scene which brings us to the core of the novel The most striking feature of the text is the explicit and unrelentingly detailed depiction of physical and psychological violence, pain, and self harm It would be unfair to say that Spit only aims for the shock effect and you could certainly find artistic justifications, but mind you, the passages that feature physical violence and self harm are absolutely disgusting In addition to that, Spit likes to dwell in the description of cringeworthy details In my opinion, the overall story, message, or artistic merit is not worth the torture that reading these passages encompasses In fact, the depth of the story does generally not justify the length of the book Let me sum it up for you Belgian villages are not as idyllic as they might seem, and children can be brutal, especially when they are neglected and didn t learn to empathize You re welcome.
So all in all, a disapponting read that excessively showcases brutality and still manages to keep the reader disengaged Plus point The ending is really shocking and extremely well done.
ENGLISH BELOW it seems this will be translatedHet is een koude winterdag, de enige van deze winter Eva de Wolf rijdt naar haar geboorteplaats, het Vlaamse Bovenmeer, met in haar achterbak een enorm blok ijs Het is voor het eerst sinds jaren dat ze terug gaat Ze gaat omdat ze is uitgenodigd voor de herdenking van Jan, die op deze dag 30 jaar oud zou zijn geworden Maar Jan, de broer van haar jeugdvriend Pim, stierf toen hij 17 was De sfeer is grimmig, van meet af aan Grimmig, sober, met een gevoel van naderend onheil Waarom rijdt Eva terug met een blok ijs in haar kofferbak Wat is er gebeurd dat ze al jaren geen contact meer heeft met haar ouders, met haar jeugdvrienden Lize Spit neemt de lezer al tijdreizend mee en langzamerhand krijg je een beeld van Eva, haar familie, haar vrienden en het dorp waar ze woonde In flashbacks lees je over de zomer van 2003, toen alles fout liep door een spel bedacht door pubers vol hormonen Tussendoor komen verschillende herinneringen voorbij, zoals de dood van Jan die een paar maanden voor de bewuste zomer stierf Spit schrijft meeslepend, je verveelt je geen moment De eerste hoofdstukken zijn een voorzichtige introductie maar zetten wel gelijk de toon Bijvoorbeeld als Eva s vader een strop ophangt, Eva meeneemt en haar als kind van een jaar of 11 vertelt dat hij er op deze manier een einde gaat maken Hoe verder het boek vordert, hoe sneller de sprongen in de tijd gaan en de spanning toeneemt.
Alles begint met Eva s geboortejaar 1988 Dan worden er in het dorp maar drie kinderen geboren Laurens, Pim en Eva Ze zijn op elkaar aangewezen en worden vrienden Maar zoals het gezegde gaat two is company, three is a crowd Langzamerhand merkt Eva dat haar vriendschap met de jongens beperkingen kent Helemaal als de twee jongens, vol hormonen, een spel bedenken en zo proberen alle meisjes uit het dorp uit hun onderbroek te krijgen Eva gaat er in mee, en bedenkt het raadsel dat de meisjes moeten oplossen Lossen ze het niet op, dan moeten ze doen wat de jongens willen Tot het helemaal uit de hand loopt En Eva blijkt op niemand te kunnen vertrouwen.
Niet alles komt even goed uit de verf Geen van de karakters is sympathiek, iedereen heeft vooral slechte eigenschappen Dat is wat ongeloofwaardig Eva zelf blijft op de moeilijk moment onzichtbaar, alsof je wegzapt op het moment dat het echt spannend of verdrietig wordt Zoals de relatie die Eva met Jan had Dat blijft vaag De gevoelens zijn niet uitgewerkt Dat maakt dat het uiteindelijk slot ook wat ongeloofwaardig aandoet Ik twijfel erg tussen 3 en 4 sterren Het hangt er ergens tussenin Toch maar naar boven afgerond en 4 sterren Misschien verandert dat nog.
ENGLISHIt s a cold winter day, the only one this winter Eva de Wolf drives back to her birthplace, the Flemish small village Bovenmeer, with a huge block of ice in her trunk It s been years since she last went back She travels back because she is invited to commemorate Jan, who would have been 30 years old on this day But Jan, the brother of her childhood friend Pim, died when he was 17.
The atmosphere is grim, from start Grimm, sober, with a feeling of something terrible approaching Why does Eva drive back with a block of ice in the trunk of her car What has happened that she has no contact with her parents, with her childhood friends Lize Spit takes the reader along and gradually you get an image of Eva, her family, her friends and the village where she lived In flashbacks you read about the summer of 2002, when everything went wrong And random memories pass by Like Jan s death.
Spit writes compellingly, I didn t get bored for one second The first chapters are a cautious introduction, where she creates the grimm, sad atmosphere For example, when Eva s father hangs a strap noose in the gardenshed He takes Eva about 10 years old at the time along and tells her to be a child of a year or 11 that he will end this waythat this is how he will end his life An incredible thing to do as a father The further the book progresses, the faster the jumps between flashbacks and tension increases.
Everything begins with Eve s birth year 1988 Only three children are born in the village Laurens, Pim and Eve They become friends, out of necessity But as the saying goes two is a company, three is a crowd In the end, Eva notes that her friendship with the boys knows limitations When the two boys, full of hormones, think about a game and try to get all the girls from the village out of their pants Eva comes along, and comes up with the riddle that the girls have to solve If they do not, they have to do what the boys want Everything spins out of control And Eve appears to be unable to trust anyone.
The book has some faults though None of the characters are sympathetic Everyone mainly has bad qualities That is somewhat unbelievable Eva herself stays invisible Like changing channels when it gets very sad or too scary while watching a show on tv Like the relationship that Eva had with Jan, which remains vague There s no room to delve to deep into the main characters feelings That means that to me the final conclusion is also unbelievable.
I am hesitating very much 3 or 4 stars It is somewhere in between I choose 4, for now.