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[Rodney Walther] Á Broken Laces [aliens PDF] Read Online á Everyone Deserves A Second Chance Jack The Cannon Kennedy Thinks He S Living The American Dream A Fancy House In The Houston Suburbs A Promising Career And A Loving Wife Who Tolerates His Long Hours And Selfish Ways In One Horrific Instant, He Loses His Wife Then His Job Then His Hope And That Just Leaves Kellen, The Young Son Jack Hardly Knows Or Understands Jack Realizes He Must Reconnect With Kellen Or They Ll Never Get Past Their Shared Grief But Jack S Biggest Obstacle Is Staring Back From The Mirror Desperate To Reach Kellen, He Turns To Baseball, The Game He Once Loved With Jack, A Win At All Costs Former Star Pitcher, Coaching His Son S Little League Team, What Could Possibly Go Wrong I hate writing headlinesGood example of why men and women should share tasks and learn each other s roles so not to be out on a limb when there is a tragedy such as a sudden death The poor kid suffers the most.
Great read Good book about life s unpredictability I would recommend this book to anyone who is struggling with what life has thrown at you Easy reading The story moves along nicely and keeps the reader interested.
Broken Laces is a deftly constructed novel in the traditions of Nicholas Sparks and Jodi Picault Author Rodney Walther ably executes a textbook story arc on which to display his ease with the subject matter.
Protagonist Jack Kennedy is met with monumental calamity and challenge upon the sudden death of his wife, mother of Kellen, his only child Infected with the shallow suburban mentality that ranks hollow emblems of material success above solid investments on the personal side of the ledger, Jack is ill equipped to cope with the needs of a motherless eight year old or deal with the domestic demands thrust upon him.
The father flounders in anger, confusion, and grief as the son alternates between rebellion and withdrawal Flounder becomes struggle when Jack loses his job and Kellen is left without any sense of direction The support of family and well meaning friends is ineffectual at this point As is the professional advice bought and paid for by a reluctant Jack and resisted by Kellen, who now manifests physical symptoms of his inability to process loss or accept the emotional distance from his surviving parent Father and son appear to be permanent victims of happenstance and lack of connection until a series of events places them in a milieu in which their Broken Laces can be mended.
Although both father and son have adequate reason to shun baseball diamonds, that is where their gradual convergence begins with Kellen overcoming his lack of innate ability and resultant indifference to the game, and Jack defeating an aversion that stems from his having squandered the talent he once had for the game Nonbaseball fans and nonparents will be tempted to gloss over Walther s somewhat heavy handed exposition in this portion of the book, but the story does not measurably suffer.
The introduction of a potential love interest in the persona of a female doctor who has enough spare time to conduct nature tours and umpire Little League baseball games, is a minor quibble She simply is not believable And the denouement is just a bit too pat too predictable, but welcome nonetheless a five star recommendation nonetheless.
Due to his job, Jack is away from the house about 12 hours a day It doesn t leave him a lot of time to be with his family, something his wife complained about often enough When his wife dies in a car accident, Jack discovers he really doesn t know his 7 year old son, nor does he know how to be a parent The book is about the struggle and mistakes Jack makes with his son while dealing with his own grief Jack hopes baseball, something he d been very good at in his youth until his hand was injured, will bring him and his son together This book should appeal greatly to anyone who has been through little league or has a child who is playing It will also grab many who lost a parent at an early age, or a spouse while raising a child An excellent job has been done by the author in regards to the mistakes and misunderstandings that can happen between parent and child, especially involving grief or a parent s expectations of their young athlete Jack struggles through a good portion of the book until finally reaching some realizations The mistakes made are obvious to the reader, but then again, it s difficult to see the picture when you re standing in the middle of it A large chunk of the book is devoted to baseball as this is Jack s passion I didn t have children, lose a parent at a young age or ever been involved in little league, so while a good read, I imagine the story doesn t have the same impact for me as it would otherwise A good portion of the book deals with the struggle, which can get uncomfortable at times A number of times I wanted to set the book aside and read something that didn t involve such emotional struggle, at least until 75% into the story when Jack starts seeing things differently It s good to see Jack grow and become a better person and parent Assigning stars to this story is difficult for me The problems Jack and his son face seem to be dead on for the type of person Jack is and what you d expect them to be feeling An excellent job was done on the main characters For that and the writing itself, I would want to give it 5 stars But I can t personally give that to a book that would have been easy for me to set aside I will admit to being glad I read it and would prefer a rating of 3.
5 stars Reviewed for books and Chat an interesting , quick read Baseball is the backdrop of the story, but it is actually a story of fathers and sons The main character is not very likable and seems to have growing up to do than his 7 year old son A good story if you are looking for something a little different.
Two things that sort of bugged me in this book part way through Jack loses his job For most people this is a traumatic event and their would be major repercussions financial, loss of health insurance and mental This is just sort of glossed over and except for one reference nothing is mentioned about job search or finding a job Almost seems like that event should have just been left out as it had no real effect on the story.
Also, at one point Jack s son Kellen and his friend were driven by the friend s mother in a Miata There is no way two seven year olds could be legally riding in a Miata That is a two passenger car and even without the front seat issue, there were not enough seat belts Really did not affect the story, just an irritation.
This book was very frustrating for me The protagonist loses his wife early in the story and is left to raise the son he hadn t really gotten to know before his wife s death The story was good and an easy read, but it was rather predictable More frustrating than predictability details left untended i.
, he learns from the coroner s report that his wife was six weeks pregnant that is never mentioned again and really rotten daddy behavior glossed over i.
, in one breath he recognizes that his son is very young and grieving in the next, he s belittling him for not being as strong a baseball player as he d like in the next scene, he steps in to patiently teach another boy to pitch when HIS father is belittling him Honestly, I can t say that I particularly enjoyed the book or that I would recommend it to others.
Baseball, the game that closes the gap between father and son.
Such a good story A father who has to completely change his life when his wife dies And the game that became the bridge between father and son.
Let me start by saying the only reason I finished this book was because I had one book to read to meet my 2015 goal so I knew I couldn t give this up, no matter how bad it may be The storyline has been done to death no pun intended However most books I ve read start out with dad being overwhelmed by his new child rearing responsibilities and clashing with his kid, but realizing he had some changing to do in order to be a good dad Not this guy He was a jerk to the end, and never really redeemed himself in my eyes The things he said to his son were so hurtful, yet he never seemed to realize it or apologize for it I didn t like him and I didn t like the book, and I don t plan on reading any of this author s works.