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[ Pdf A Medical Affair Ï french-revolution PDF ] by Anne McCarthy Strauss ☆ I absolutely loved this book Had my attention from page 1 Highly recommended Reviews posted on Passion for Pages When I first got the request to review A Medical Affair I thought it sounded like a script written for Grey s Anatomy I was prepared for a few giggles, a hot romance, an altercation and then a happily ever after.
Boy was I wrong The depth to this story makes it so much than some fluff read This could happen to anyone How many of us haven t fantasized about being with someone who should be off limits We probably all have at least one friend who has been involved with someone they shouldn t be involved with because of the authority the other person has over them Doctors, teachers, bosses, babysitters We ve all thought about the hot sex, what we don t think about is the potential fallout from all that steamy lovin.
Heather is a thirty something year old woman who falls fast and hard for her married doctor What starts out as a hot and heavy relationship soon turns complicated like most affairs do Heather was such a believable character I felt like I was reading about one of my friends everything about this made me wonder if this was in fact a work of true fiction She was just so real her emotions, actions and thoughts were not at all farfetched like some characters can be If I had one complaint it would only be that I wish she would have gone through and not settled with the lawsuit Since it wasn t at all about money I really wish she would have gone ahead buried the asshole Although, I can also understand why she didn t continue with it and just let it go.
Jeff, the doctor, was a selfish, arrogant, womanizing douche There isn t one redeeming quality about him I seriously felt sick over the scene in this office when he made Heather relive her past abuse so he could fucking get off on it He s nothing but a sick twisted freak that deserves a reserved seat in Hell right up front.
The story was great It was captivating to the point that I couldn t put it down until I had finished it in one night Great job After A Terrifying Life Threatening Asthma Attack Induced By The Fumes In Her Swanky New Apartment, Heather Morrison Falls For The Handsome But Very Married Doctor Who Saved Her Her Knight In Shining Armor Turns Out To Be Less Of A Knight As Time Goes By And Of A Heartbreak Waiting To Happen As The Saying Goes, This Is Not What The Doctor Ordered When The Relationship Ends, Heather S Life Dramatically Changes As She Finds Herself Addicted To Prescription Pills She Never Needed And Her Future As A Mother In Question Set In The Bustling City Of New York, A Medical Affair By Debut Author Anne McCarthy Strauss Could Be A Game Changer For Many Women As It Exposes The Truth Behind Her Doctor S Behavior And Her Subsequent Filing Of A Civil Suit Although A Work Of Fiction, A Medical Affair Was Extensively Researched This Is Truly A Story That Must Be Told Heather has given up all hope of having a traditional marriage and has requested adoption of an abandoned Chinese baby About the time she receives word that her application for adoption has been approved, she moves into a single home and, because of new paint she has put on the walls, has a debilitating attack Heather finds herself at a hospital, attended by a hospital pulmonologist, Jeff Davis He diagnoses her problem as asthma, though this is the first she learns of having the affliction What follows is a story of their relationship and how it crossed the line from patient client to lovers When things go bad, Dr Davis drops Heather, and she falls into a deep funk Then, after checking websites about doctor patient relationships that evolve into something than they should, she reports his unethical behavior and sues him for damages This is Heather s story of that suit and her emotional and personal fallout from the relationship I found the book a fascinating read The characters are well developed and the events presented well done and very realistic I grew to detest Dr Davis almost from the start because of his manipulative ways and how I could see him pulling in Heather hook, line and sinker Hi actions were egregious, to say the least, and it became obvious he was an unethical, unprincipled doctor who preyed on young female patients, sucking them in with his carefully calculated words and actions until they were hopelessly falling for him What I did not like was the way the author, as well as many of the reviewers, gave Heather a pass She knew and all her friends told her from the get go that she should stop and not become involved, yet she still did Dr Davis was totally wrong and unprincipled, but Heather was in her mid thirties and not some young 16 year old She was hoping to become a mother to a little adopted Chinese baby, but never did have the wherewithal to resist giving into her emotions I personally think both Dr Davis and Heather has unresolved issues from their past, and I would have liked to have background on them In addition, I never did get the feeling that Heather had learned her lesson from the experience and would be able to resist giving in to her emotions is another situation, and I am afraid others would crop up as she went through life The book is worth reading but not a must read, in my opinion There are many unscrupulous people like this doctor out there, and we all need to be able to resist temptation I am by no means exonerating Dr Davis I just would have preferred a balanced approach to the situation This is a good book to read for anyone who is unaware of how easily and quick we all can fall into a danger zone dangerous to our emotional well being and our futures I debated giving the book three stars, but finally ended up giving it four stars because the book was well written, meaningful and still interesting I received this from Library Thing to read and review.
Wow This story had me captivated from page one I ve never read a story like this, and I thought it was so creative Throughout the book, I couldn t help but to wonder how often this sort of thing happens Heather, the main character is very easy to relate to She lives a normal life as a single woman in NYC, working her butt off every day If you ve ever held a corporate job, you can easily relate to her daily routine and despise it as much as she does I had a bad taste in my mouth for Jeff from the very beginning I felt myself wanting to call Heather up as a friend and give her advice, but instead I kept turning the pages eagerly waiting to find out how what would happen nextThere were so many emotional ups and downs in this book Everything was unexpected and although I thought I had the book all figured out, I was wrong By the time I reached the end, I had no idea what was coming And I was certaintly not let down Throughout this book, I cried, laughed, and got angry for Heather I love when books toy with my emotions Anne did a fantastic job making this story feel incredibly real I highly recommend A Medical Affair I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
When I first started reading this one, I ll be honest I wasn t quite sure I would like it very much I didn t understand Heather s attraction to Jeff It just seemed too fast to me she goes to the hospital and two visits later she s having sex with her doctor on the exam table even though she knows he s married It seemed too rushed to me and I struggled to connect with the story at that point I will say when we moved past that part and into the meat of the story, I highly enjoyed it It seemed fast paced, it was complex, and it was interesting I was holding my breath when it came to parts of the lawsuit and especially during the parts about her pending adoption But thenthe ending I didn t love It was fast and almost rushed again and I felt a little cheated out of a resolution I actually had to go back and re read parts to help me understand what happened I can appreciate that the author tried to show how patients can rely on their doctors so quickly and start unhealthy relationships, but I think it came too late for me If I skipped over how fast the affair started and how little care Heather seemed to have about sleeping with a married man, I think I would have enjoyed this story a lot , and maybe not have minded the fast ending One last point I wasn t sure I understood why certain POV s came in at the end, with Heather s lawyer and a reporter They didn t quite fit with the story Other than my critiques, it s an interesting book that touched on a subject I didn t know a lot about and I hope people will become informed on this topic All I Can Say Is WOW The first thing you will ask yourself is, how often does this happen I think deep down we already know the answer This happens a lot than anyone is talking about Women will be blown away by this book Men will question the possibility But you can see this happening A successful young career woman gets involved with her doctor, with dire consequences for both of them.
This book will also make you think of your own experiences with medical professionals I had a bad experience with a dentist that kept me from seeking dental treatment for several years Though the experience was not sexual, I felt the doctor had betrayed my trust and it was devastating.
Ladies, this book should be required reading I learned so much from reading this book Anne McCarthy Strauss has done her research I highly recommend all women who have any plans to ever visit a doctor of any sort read this book It was fun, a quick read, and packed with information Does it get any better than that

A Medical Affair by Anne McCarthy Strauss is a Bookthrope publication released in September 2013 I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Heather is a single woman that has given up on the traditional marriage and children norm Now in her late thirties, she has decided to adopt a baby from China She moves into an apartment in preparation for the adoption and soon after suffers a major asthma attack brought on by the freshly painted walls This gets her a trip to the ER Heather s first encounter with handsome James Davis MD has her praising his bedside manner Relieved that she is going to be alright, she makes an appointment with Dr James for a follow up Instantly the chemistry between them leads to a flirtation, which eventually leads to a full on affair with the prestigious doctor who also happens to be married Putting aside the obvious moral issues that go with becoming involved with a married man, which Heather must bear at least some responsibility After all, she knew going in that the good doctor was married She was an adult in her late thirties, not a young impressionable girl Now, having said that, the doctor was in the wrong and took advantage of his position The chain of events that unraveled the lives of all concerned is a cautionary tale all women should be on the look out for My personal experience these days with doctors has been a little less private than before Two are in the room during certain examinations to protect both the doctor and the patient However, there are still plenty of opportunities for doctors to manipulate patients The God complex and arrogance that doctors often have as a result of the prestige associated with being a doctor can make this type of situation an easy trap to fall into One of the most disturbing passages in the book, and there were many, was a conversation the doctor had with another doctor friend of his They bragged about their sexual conquest and how just dropping the phrase I m a doctor opened up opportunities with women quite easily Laughably so if you believed those two Overall this was a chilling novel that would be a great group read for a book club There are many discussions that could be dissected A very compelling and thought provoking read You will think about this one long after you have finished the book Overall this one is an A.
A Medical Affair by Anne McCarthy StraussSource PublisherRating 2 5 stars PLEASE NOTE This review contains spoilers and my opinion In my pre blogging reviewing days, I would have been able to walk away from a book like A Medical Affair with my thoughts and feelings about the read remaining mine and mine alone But now, I am a blogger and a reviewer and feel, absolutely that it is my responsibility to provide my followers with as honest an opinion as I can provide So, here it is I have struggled significantly with this read and my accompanying review and have, on several occasions considered backing out of this review A Medical Affair is a work of fiction and though it is based on extensive research, I will approach my review on the work of fiction and nothing else Here goes Heather Morrison is a single woman, unattached, intelligent, good at her job and, in the process of adopting a beautiful little girl Heather has accepted that a traditional family is not in her future but adoption will accomplish her goals and fill a void she has long felt in her life With a few good friends by her side and supporting her fully, Heather has spent months filling out paperwork, being interviewed and, arranging her life to accommodate the arrival of her daughter To this end, Heather has left her long time roommate and best friend to move into a beautiful apartment that will provide space and comfort for her child Everything in Heather s world seems to finally be falling into place and then she has a life threatening asthma attack that lands her in the ER Enter Dr Jeffrey H Davis Heather s night in the ER is beyond scary and when Dr Davis enters the picture, calms her down and, helps relieve the symptoms of the asthma attack, Heather is both relieved and grateful for his help It just so happens that Dr Davis is a pulmonologist and he asks Heather to make a follow up appointment with his practice so he can continue to monitor her asthma For Heather, this all seems perfectly logical and completely reasonable and she complies with her doctor s orders and makes a follow up appointment Little does she know, Dr Davis is a predator and his motives for seeing her again have little to nothing to do with her health The affair between Heather and Dr Davis begins almost immediately with the good doctor always being very attentive and digging constantly for and information about Heather and her life With every detail she divulges, Dr Davis adds it to his arsenal of control Further, each and every time Heather mentions the slightest symptom, Dr Davis is there to write her a prescription to alleviate the symptoms It doesn t take long for Heather to become completely consumed by the affair and willing to sacrifice anything and everything in order to please the doctor This seemingly intelligent woman takes up smoking again because the doctor does ironic that he s a pulmonologist , she begins taking prescription medications that she normally would have never taken, she accepts all of the doctor s lousy excuses for not being able to see her, she engages in unsafe sexual activity and situations that constantly make her uneasy and, when she tries to discuss her concerns or misgivings with her lover, he dismisses her and Heather accepts it In the quiet moments when she is alone and has time to question her actions and involvement with the doctor, Heather simply takes of the medication he has given her to quiet the thoughts When her dear friends try to intervene and tell Heather the situation she is in is toxic, she ignores their advice As you might expect, the affair eventually comes to a dramatic and ugly end For Dr Davis, Heather is simply one notch on his bedpost but for Heather, her life is completely destroyed to the tune of losing her job, losing her opportunity to bring home her adopted daughter and, very nearly losing her life yet again following a botched suicide attempt Though Dr Davis is found out by his wife and his colleagues, he is generally unconcerned by the damage he has done, the hurt he has caused and, the ethical codes he has broken With few sanctions and or consequences for his actions, Dr Davis easily moves beyond Heather and toward his next victim The Bottom Line I had a very, very hard time simply understanding this read and Heather in particular In fact, this read made me angry Though we discover Heather has some serious issues from her past that need to be dealt with, those issues alone don t entirely explain, at least for me, how she ends up so completely taken in by Dr Davis Yes, he is handsome and charismatic but Heather is a smart woman who has managed to build a good life for herself and is in the process of creating a beautiful family Yet, in a relatively small amount of time, she gives up absolutely everything she has worked for to please a man who treats her like sh t Certainly I was angry at the doctor for his very nature and presence but I also found myself quite angry at Heather for ignoring her basic instincts and intuitions about the situation she was in She doesn t just ignore her feelings but abandons everything she believes in I also found myself being angry at her for ignoring her longtime friends in favor of a man she barely knew and who clearly had nothing but ill intentions It wasn t until the very end of the read that I found myself rooting for Heather and sincerely hoping she would be courageous enough to follow through with the charges she files again Dr Davis If ever there was a character who deserves to rot in Hell To say that I didn t like this read isn t really a fair assessment There is no fault on the part of the author for my dislike of this book In fact, the author s writing style, research and, plot were just fine My dislike lies solely with the characters and their actions or, lack thereof Heather s life is like a train wreck just waiting to happen and the catalyst for that wreck is Dr Jeffrey Davis In this way, my great dislike is a compliment to the author and her ability to create such real characters characters that elicited very strong emotions To that end, if you are a reader who likes very emotional, very damaged characters and a plot that is both interesting and incredibly disturbing then A Medical Affair is the read for you.