Trailer ✓ The Law of Similars PDF by ✓ Chris Bohjalian

Trailer ✓ The Law of Similars PDF by ✓ Chris Bohjalian For years, people I trust have been telling me to read Chris Bohjalian Now that I ve finally gotten around to it, I m sorry I waited so long This is the best kind of gripping tale that book jacket copy is always promising us It s a thriller, but not a sensational one These are ordinary people in ordinary circumstances no government conspiracies or serial killers to plump up the plot It s just a convincingly complicated tale about bad decisions compounded by lust, loneliness and desperation He tells us right up front that the protagonist has done something bad, but then conjures up a character so appealing that you can t help but root for him anyway Bohjalian s writing is so good that my heart raced and my stomach roiled with dread as I turned the pages, waiting for the moment when Leland s tangled web of lies would give way beneath him Very few books have ever inspired that kind of physical reaction in me.
I thought the premise and plot idea for this book was really intriguing and had a lot of promise But in the end, it just didn t deliver for me The introduction of Richard Emmons earlier in the story was choppy and not at all fluid There was much jumping back and forth but the transitions weren t handled well The idea of a homeopath dating a state s attorney who then finds herself potentially libel for a patient s negative reaction and complicating her relationship with the attorney was very interesting It could ve delved into the legal aspects, but didn t I also felt like the ending was a cop out How did the author resolve these things Well, I think he took the easy way out and side stepped resolution.
It was a quick read and an easy read and some of the medical homeopathic and legal ethical issues held my interest But the ending was not satisfying.
Chris Bohjalian s great talent is to bring his readers into the lives of ordinary people at the moment that those lives begin to unravel With great compassion and suspense, he demonstrates the struggles that ensue You embrace every character in their very human nature In The Law of Similars he introduces you to yet another moral dilemma alternative medicine, specifically, homeopathy How much are we responsible for our own decisions for our health When things go wrong how far will we go to desperately protect someone we love I started this book genuinely liking the main character Leland but finished up really very much disliking him Serves me right for automatically wanting to like a character just because of his circumstances, in this case the fact that he was a widower with a small child Turns out he was a selfish, obsessive, hypochondriac who made one bad choice after another from the beginning of this book to the end The plot itself is compelling whether or not a homeopath is responsible for the death of a patient The drama created by Leland was absolutely ridiculous He sacrifices his job, his health and compromises himself as a father all because he thinks he s falling in love with his homeopath REALLY What is he 15 I know people act irresponsible but this guy really took it to unbelievable levels.
Found this at a second hand bookstore even though it s a title I wasn t familiar with I have read several of Bohjalian s novels and have enjoyed his writing This one was a little off for me Leland was a character I had a hard time relating to The subject matter was intriguing to me, but the story fell flat This certainly won t derail me from of his novels, it just wasn t as good as his other works.
I love Chris Bohjalian s books and have decided I m going to read all his stuff I love discovering authors like this and this one was quite good, although definitely not my favorite of his it ll be tough to top Midwives I just find his writing very compelling, gripping, and I generally like his topics medical legal mysteries, but very character driven and I love all the Vermont settings.
This one had all of that compelling writing and interesting characters but I found the ending kind of weird It seemed to end a little abruptly I expected there to be a lot story there Maybe he had a deadline and had to wrap it up, haha But, still a good read and an interesting topic to think about i.
e much like Midwives , an alternative medicine type practitioner this time homeopathy instead of midwifery allegedly commits a crime of negligence Was she guilty You decide.
From The Number One Bestselling Author Of Midwives Comes This Riveting Medical Thriller About A Lawyer, A Homeopath, And A Tragic Death When One Of Homeopath Carissa Lake S Patients Falls Into An Allergy Induced Coma, Possibly Due To Her Prescribed Remedy, Leland Fowler S Office Starts Investigating The Case But Leland Is Also One Of Carissa S Patients, And He Is Beginning To Realize That He Has Fallen In Love With Her As Love And Legal Obligations Collide, Leland Comes Face To Face With An Ethical Dilemma Of Enormous Proportions Graceful, Intelligent, And Suspenseful, The Law of Similars Is A Powerful Examination Of The Links Between Hope And Hubris, Love And Deception One cannot put this novel in the same class as the excellent Midwives by the same author There is almost no tension and everything is predictable.
Homeopathic medicine is not sacrosanct, we use it all the time and can buy it readily, and I cannot imagine a homeopath hiding the cure or withholding it It is really sad that the Richard character was banned from having of the so called cure , and driven to his tragic self experimenting He was keen for a breakthrough and Carissa fobbed him off as if she alone had the right to a wonderful secret.
The history and quotations were interesting There are some good passages and metaphors but good writing alone does not make a good story Much ado about nothing This book is very similar to Midwives written by the same author and I enjoyed it about the same Leland narrates as he shares the story of a month that changed his life Leland s wife died in a car accident and left him with a baby daughter A few years after his wife s death, Leland meets Carissa Lake, a homeopath Leland falls head over heels in a very short period of time but at the same moment Leland is feeling blissfully happy, horror is happening within another family also involved with Carissa Leland fights to help Carissa and struggles to control his own life, now spinning out of control I enjoy Bohjalian s style of writing The story flows and the characters easily come to life.
Interesting story about a lawyer who falls in love with a homeopath One of the homeopath s patients falls into a coma and eventually dies The back cover describes it as a thriller, but I see it as a story of ethics, relationships, and responsibility.