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à The Guardian æ Download by ↠´ Nicholas Sparks I wish that I could give this book 3 stars I really wish that I could I mean there are a lot of parts of the book that I really liked But in general the story was a little familiarI read a book earlier this year that was almost exactly the same plot line but of course was not as well put together as a Nicholas Sparks book And up until the last chapter and epilogue, I was going to give it 3 stars But that last bit ruined it for me Not to spoil anything for any readers, but seriously, The Guardian is not at all what I, being a reader, wanted it to be I mean, the book is based around a love story with a thrilling secondary plot, and the love story in the end has nothing to do with the ending What the heck It left me incredibly underwhelmed.
One of my favorite Nicholas Sparks books The main character falls in love with her long time friend after losing her husband at a very young age I love the romance concept of the book and the slow realization of Julie as she comes to love Mike It is also a nice concept of her lost husband watching over her and letting go when he sees she is finally at peace without him Romance stories are fascinating to me when the main characters are already friends who fall in love.
Julie Barenson S Young Husband Left Her Two Unexpected Gifts Before He Died A Great Dane Puppy Named Singer And The Promise That He Would Always Be Watching Over Her Now, Four Years Have Passed Still Living In The Small Town Of Swansboro, North Carolina, Year Old Julie Is Emotionally Ready To Make A Commitment To Someone Again But Who Should It Be Richard Franklin, The Handsome, Sophisticated Engineer Who Treats Her Like A Queen Or Mike Harris, The Down To Earth Nice Guy Who Was Her Husband S Best Friend Choosing One Of Them Should Bring Her Happiness Than She S Had In Years Instead, Julie Is Soon Fighting For Her Life In A Nightmare Spawned By A Chilling Deception And Jealousy So Poisonous That It Has Become A Murderous Desire I admit, Nicholas Sparks got me with The Notebook I was 22, sitting alone in the back of my parents car coming home to Pennsylvania after visiting relatives in Illinois, and I devoured the whole thing, sobbing so much my parents almost pulled over the car He totally got me, reeled me in Hook Line Sinker The man is smart He knows his preyer, audience very well, knows exactly what bait to dangle in front of them People fall in love, BIG, GRAND, EPIC ROMANCE LOVE Throw in some horrible tragedy obstacle terminal illness Add a bunch of corny, cheesy platitudes Then drop thousand pound anvil of Major Life Lesson That Must Be Learnedover and over and overand over again Lather, rinse, repeat Voila Best selling author I would be lying if I said I didn t fall for this kind of formulaic writing It s needed Sometimes you just need predictable, romantic cheese Obviously, or Nick Sparks wouldn t be a gazillion jazillion aire, or whatever I won t pretend to be a literary snob who looks down on this genre of books I have guilty pleasures, and I indulge You all know you do, too.
And here s the part where I also won t pretend to be a rational human being when it comes to animals, or specifically, animals of the canine variety My husband and I have no children Instead, we have three dogs All rescues I am one of Those Crazy Dog People So, I will forewarn you, and fully admit, that my Absolute Hate of this book is fueled by my completely irrational and 5 year old belief that Dogs Do Not Die EVER AT ALL Even happily from old age MARLEY I AM LOOKING AT YOU.
I mean, at 5 years old, I bawled and my mom had to remove me from the movie theater during The Fox and the Hound because We ll always be friends FOREVER Except when I get older and have to hunt you down and kill you LIES ALL LIES And no animals, dog or fox, were even killed in that movie.
So I m assuming, if you ve read this book, you get from my looooong disclaimer why I hurled it across the room when Nicholas Sparks went and MURDERED THE DOG It s not enough to POISON him No, to just make this book even that much DRAMATIC, let s SHOOT HIM TOO But, it ll be okay, because he died protecting his humans from a crazy stalker and his humans get to live Happily Ever After because of how brave the dog was And that just makes it all better, doesn t it Um, no Is it wrong that I ve rewritten the ending in my head where all the humans It s been so long since I ve read this, I ve forgotten names Main Character, Love Interest, Crazy Stalker all end up dead because they are humans and adults and they all should know better than to allow THEMSELVES, let alone an innocent dog, to get mixed up in all this stupid drama And the dog MIRACULOUSLY lives and gets HIS Happily Ever After with a nice, stable family, who are smart enough not to get mixed up with Crazy Stalkers, and who have two children for him to play with and a big, fenced in backyard.
That might be wrong of me, but I ve already admitted my irrational love of dogs so my alternate ending shouldn t have been a surprise.
I apologize because I can t really offer any rational critique of this book That all went out the window the moment he MURDERED THE DOG I am way too blinded by my hate of this to offer anything else even remotely constructive or informative I haven t read another Nick Sparks book since The Guardian And that was about seven or eight years ago Have I mentioned I also hold irrational grudges against authors who murder dogs This Grudge is so strong, I don t care what kind of cheesy bait he dangles, I will never bite again Completely irrational, I know But I like living in Irrational City Dogs don t die there.
Saccharine Predictable This is the first Sparks novel I ve read and I don t understand from this first exposure anyway WHY this man is a bestselling author I just didn t get the appeal Spoiler The Guardian is the dog THE DOG I mean, anytime the dog has to save the day, is this good yeah, there s a spoiler in here so stop reading if you don t wanna know.
yep sparks does it again, sucks, that is.
he kills off a dog this time, if memory serves me right I think that s all he s got try to make a love story so sweet you need insulin and then WHAM Death yeah, get out your kleenex you sorry bastards that s right Sparks, kill em all must be a metallica fan.
Sometimes, belonging to a book club or two, or in my case, three means that you are introduced to something that you would have never read on your own, that turns out to stretch your mind and lead to interesting discoveriesand other times, you are so aghast by someone s favorite that you avoid the discussion of the book so as not to hurt the person s feelings who suggested it Here on Goodreads, I will pull no punches This book reads like a Hallmark card, or a serial in a woman s magazine, or worse yet a Lifetime movie The premise is lame and unbelievablehow many dying husbands make pre death arrangements for a dirty puppy to be delivered to the grieving widow on Christmas in a cardboard box, no less Why was the pup in such sad shape Was the husband so ill that he ordered the pup from a substandard puppy mill Ah, but with the wisdom that people about to die seem to have, he has chosen well, and she is thrilled to have the responsibility of training and caring for an enormous dog instead of being able to choose for herself if she wants to take this on, or perhaps choose a nice low maintenance goldfish instead The rest of the story is so much like others of this genre that you may feel like you ve already read it The charming, handsome man who turns out to be psychotic, the man she thinks of as a friend who is really in love with her and, of course, ends up being her savior at the end and she loves him tooyawn In stories like this, good people rarely die, even after being beaten to a pulp and left for dead in a ditch for two days slutty hairdresser who isn t very bright a cop found shot in the head, lying face down with his head in a pool of blood near the end of the story is out of the hospital in a few days instead of being six feet under a dog who has been poisoned with enough rat poison to kill six dogs, who moments before was gasping his last breath on the ground and unable to stand, suddenly flies through the air and attacks psycho dude, saving his owner, only to finally die of gunshot wounds inflicted by psycho dude Weepy dog death scene follows, but psycho dude is dead and doggie has fulfilled being her guardian as in the book title, and everyone else goes off happily into the sunset This is basically the song My Life Will Go On by Celine Dion mixed with a touch of Old Yeller.
Speachless Literally speachless Nicholas Sparks is a natural Every time I finish a book of his, I keep on saying it s the best, but ALL OF THEM ARE BEAUTIFULY AMAZING Mike, Richard, singer, jim Everything was soo beautiful Richard was sexy, seductive,yet somehow pshycopathic Mike such a darling sweetheart, every girl would die to have such a boyfriend who loves you so much to the extent that at the last second of his life, when he was one step away from death, he gathered himself because he didn t want to die and leave Julia and realization struck him that if he dies, Julie will get killed by Richard Robert Nicholas, ur books give me great emotion At the end of every book I read from Nicholas, I was always left breathless and with tears rolling down my face I d hug the book and stare into space Amazing Nicholas Sparks, you re the best 3

Author s note at end of the book brace yourselves, you might fall of the chair, laughing I know I nearly didFrom first to final draft, the novel went through eight major revisions until my editor and I were finally satisfied that the novel accomplished what it set out to do, that is, be a love story first and foremost, and secondly in a way that sneaks up on the reader a compelling thrillerA COMPELLING THRILLER This author needs to either sack the editor or read some compelling thrillers himself Such a half baked plot It was SO OBVIOUS what was going to happen Ended up skimming but, even so, I got the gist of it And Mike seriously, he came across as a bit of a simpleton I thought maybe this was one of this author s early books or even his first book but, no, he wrote a few prior to this one.
I ve never written a review before, but I thought that this book really qualifies for one Sometimes you just want something that you can indulge yourself into without the analysis and critical thinking, and this one was perfect for it.
I love the whole story between Mike and Julie and the slow realization of Julie as she comes to love Mike.
and of course I love Singer, The Guardian.
This book is full of twists that I didnt expect at all.
I was surprised by the ending, But I loved it.
This is the first time I read to Sparks and I m really glad that I did.
The book is just beautiful Brought tears to my eyes.