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Trailer ✓ Sam's Letters To Jennifer PDF by á James Patterson Jennifer was summoned back to her hometown where she was raised by her grandmother Her grandmother Samantha, took very ill with a heart attack and is in a coma in the hospital.
When Jennifer arrives home there, she discovers a pack of letters which have been addressed specifically to her by Sam In every letter, her grandma reveals many sad memories of her past She speaks of her late husband Charles, who beat her over the years, and the affair she had been carrying on the side with a man, Doc, of whom she fell deeply in love Jennifer is shocked to discover this as she reads on in her grandma s story.
Also, she runs into Brendan, the kid she nicknamed Scout when they were kids and played together They discover a newfound love, and have a summer romance Jennifer doesn t realize though that Brendan, is hiding a terrible secret of his own, and is devastated when she finds out that he is very very ill.
Her grandmother may rally, and Brendan may have a miracle operation which either cures his illness, or will make him much worse So in the end he has to make a difficult decision die, or maybe live a little longer.
A wonderful novel, and one you don t lay down until the end.
Oh I just could not stand it If I could have given it zero stars I would have I am not a big fan of overally emotional books, where you feel manipulated by the author in order to have a certain reaction I just felt like the whole story was over the top Too much I love books and when I purchase a book which isn t often, I usually get them from the library I keep it I disliked this book so much that I couldn t stand to have it on my bookshelf I donated it to a charity In a nutshell unrealistic, predictable, melodramatic, way too sappy Does that help Kim Sam s Letters to Jennifer is heartwarming and bittersweet This book definitely gave me than I expected The cover, so Nicholas Sparks ish did not lure me in Actually it made me question was this a book I really wanted to read The bittersweet sappy theme usually doesn t draw me in It usually pushes me away Too nice sometimes is too boring There s a repetitive formula to these types of books that I have a hard time buying But I said why not and decided to give it a try I assumed it would be a woman reading letters from some long lost love but this story was not about that at all You see, Sam, is short for Samantha Sam is Jennifer s grandmother Jennifer, her widowed granddaughter is called to town because her grandmother is in the hospital in a coma Jennifer goes to her grandmothers house and finds stacks of letters that her grandmother wrote to her telling her about her life The first letter begins with a shocking revelation that motivates Jennifer to continue to read all the letters in hopes of learning her grandmothers secrets While staying at her grandmothers house Jennifer romantically reunites with a childhood friend, Brendan who has a secret of his own My thoughts on this book are a little on the fence On the one hand I m glad that though certain characters received a second chance at love Whether it is opening ones self back up to love after grief or love after a bad relationship, there s nothing like being given the opportunity to share in a healthy real love This is good On the other hand I don t necessarily agree with the glorification or offhanded romanticism of the extramarital affair If the relationship was abusive, leave and go be with the new guy but I just found the affair too condoning and romanticized Even if the bad husband is bad it doesn t make it valid I did like the parallel between the relationship that was lost to death and how a second chance was given That was nice I ll give this book a 3 1 2 stars It was surprisingly a good story I d recommend it I may read other books by this author.
The story of a grown woman who feels she has lost everything in her life her best friend her grandmother just fell into a coma while the love of her life died a couple years back, partly because it was her fault She spends restless days within the shadow of blame and regret towards herself while the anouncment of her grandmothers condition is discovered The grandmother, sam, has left her letters in order to let her understand things in her life that no one else has She begins to understand how sam and her are very similar especailly on how they had given up on love While sam describes her story, jennifer meets a man from her past and.
well the story continues from there.
I loved the book it was extremely hooking and draws you into this vivid image of the setting and all the events it was as if you felt what the characters were feeling and James Patterson did an amazing job on that I cried at the random moments even though the plot is close to that of a cliche It s something that seems to have derived from an oscar winning movie and if it doesnt become one, i d be extremely disappointed Reminds me of the notebook because of the similarites although they have 2 very different morals, plots etc I learned that if you want happiness, you shouldnt shut out things in your life that make you happy You shouldnt give up on life and love even if you hit rock bottom I recommend this book to those who love reading about romance, or simply the relationships between individuals.
Please don t shut out love it s the best thing about lifeThe world works in mysterious ways, friends And I believe in that saying now than ever.
I say this because I do not understand how any agent, editor, or publisher would allow such an abominably written book to be published Jennifer has always had a close relationship with her grandmother, Sam So, when Sam falls into a coma after a freak accident, Jennifer rushes to be by her side While there she discovers a bundle of letters that Sam had written to her about her life and a few little secrets she s been keeping from everyone While reading those letters, Jennifer begins to discover a while new side to her grandmother and gains a whole new lease on life, which entails learning to love again after her husband passes away A friend described this book as trashtastic and at first, I disagreed with her I wasn t expecting quality literature with this book I was just expecting a nice, sweet love story to fly through as a quick, mindless read And in the beginning, that s what I got a nice sweet story.
But then apparently the author s editor decided to take a vacation or not work for Patterson or something, because the writing was absolutely atrocious Extremely bad My seven year old niece could write a book better than this How on earth, I wondered to myself, could this book have been written by James Patterson Isn t he supposed to be this famous, best selling author who has been around a while and written about a gazillion books If that s the case, shouldn t his writing be better than this The writing was so bad that it made my eyes roll into the back of my head If I had to proofread the entire book with a red pen in hand, the pages would be so red George R.
R Martin would have to write The Red Wedding, 2.
0 Grammar wise and punctuation wise, this book was awful.
But wait it gets better Because it s not just the basic grammar and punctuation that s bad the entire plot of the book feels incomplete This may have something to do with the fact that there are so many plot holes in this book that it looks like a slice of Swiss cheese For instance, we know that Jennifer s husband passes away, and Patterson tells us when and where But he doesn t tell us why He just goes to Hawaii and then, poof He s gone What happened to him Did he drown in the ocean Get eaten by a shark Fall into an erupting volcano WHAT HAPPENED Patterson does this a lot he vaguely writes about tragic events that happen, but never fleshes them out in detail I mean, I know we as readers aren t stupid, but the whole fade to black approach isn t that great either The entire plot of the book was akin to a Lifetime or Hallmark movie than an actual book Everything moved rather fast with little to no answers provided to the reader The plot is pretty simplistic, which makes it a mindless read, but when it s coupled with the fact that it s cheesy as hell well, it makes for a torturous read Some professional reviewers compared this book to Nicholas Sparks writing, but that would be an insult to Nicholas Sparks himself I never thought I would say this, considering how famous and infamous Sparks is, but his novels are far superior than this book ever hopes to be Look, there s just no nice way to put it this book was awful It was so bad I can t really quite wrap my head around the fact that this book got published By a major publishing house It managed to go through the rounds of editors, agents, and general goddamn proofreaders and it STILL, somehow, managed to be published Not only that, it was one of the top 10 published best selling books the year it was published I will never be able to explain how, since the writing is atrocious, the dialogue laughable, and the entire plot missing so many key points that it ll probably fall into a black hole Patterson usually writes books with a co writer and let me tell you I hope they re better than this book Because so far, Patterson solo is a complete and utter disaster.

I loved this book It starts with Jennifer going to her grandmother s lake house, because her grandmother, Sam, is in the hospital Jennifer finds letters that her grandmother has written to her As she reads them, she finds the true meaning of love, and gets to know some secrets about her grandmother I loved this book, because we all would love to have met our parents or grandparents when they were young to really know who they were In a way, Jennifer got to do that.
Another excellent novel from Patterson He s a writing machine.
There is something about a guilty pleasure book a quick read that is entirely predictable but still tugs at your heartstrings This is how I would classify Sam s Letters to Jennifer.
I was a bit skeptical about reading this book, considering I had read Sundays at Tiffany s earlier this year and was wasn t too impressed with it But, the dust jacket intrigued me, and I could tell it d be a quick read like Sundays at Tiffany s, so I gave it a shot.
Being a Minnesotan, I really enjoyed how the book was set in the Midwest In a culture where all of us either own a lake home or know someone who does, having a majority of the book take place in Lake Geneva was a real treat, especially since I read it in the last days of summer.
While a simple book, Patterson does a good job of establishing strong bonds between Jennifer and her grandmother, Sam Getting to know Sam s life in the midst of Jennifer dealing with her own after much heartache was enjoyable, light reading.
Of course, a guilty pleasure book like this can t be without its predictability tragedy causing main characters to not open up immediately, love developing between childhood friends, and a baby being the ultimate symbol of true love Sometimes, though, it s not so bad reading the formulaic cheesiness After all, most people want to believe that no matter what kind of troubles you ve had in your life thus far, you are still capable of falling in love and living happily ever after In this book, Patterson keeps that dream alive.
Yes I am a fan of James Patterson Not because of his crime series Not because of literary forms It is because, no matter how hard I try, I am still a matronic reader I invest tears in a book, especially if it is a story worth crying for.
Call this corny or cheesy or plain stupid, I wouldn t care I cried in coffee shops, in libraries, in quiet rooms, and most especially, in my bedroom where it all lingered And in this take, we see how special love transcends from one generation to another Let s see if another bucket of tears will be resulted from this novel After 8 hours of reading I CRIED Please let me shed a tear as I reflect on the life lesson Sam imparted to Jennifer After months of seeing this review, I cannot put justice to the creation But I can make you feel the wonder by looking at this picture Popular E Book, Sam S Letters To Jennifer Author James Patterson This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Sam S Letters To Jennifer, Essay By James Patterson Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please read And Make A Refission For You