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[ Read Online Daddy Ü humanities PDF ] by Danielle Steel × I picked this book from hotel book shelf to kill time during holidays It was easy read, but so ANNOYING From the begining I could not attach to main characters Why is there so much sympathy for Ollie Why is everybody accusing Sarah of being selfish This initial plot twist made me angry What is so wrong about the woman who wants to go back to school that is like 2 3h away after being a good mother for so many years Why is nobody asking what she plans to study What are her dreams after she will be finished I understand the worry about 7year old kid, but teenagers All those statements that come from them are so one sided you are leaving us , you hate us I do not understand why her supposingly loving husband even do not try to support her He has a career and pushed her to limits to give up her live And btw after few weeks later when she is gone he starts to notice other woman The rest of the story is twisted, but this initial sequence made me not like this book at all I wonder if it has anything to do with times when it was written Would this be such a success in todays world Daddy turned out to be a better experience that I anticipated Not a big fan of lifetime movies or that sort, I was pleased to find this wasn t a melodramatic story that induced eye rolling Instead it was a very real drama with grief, trauma, and ultimate triumph over life s obstacles The characters helped keep things afloat the protagonist, Daddy , Oliver was a man easy to understand Even the woman who caused everyone conflict, Sarah, was written to be sympathetic in the beginning sometimes Either way she was realistic at least, as were the kiddies and everyone else.
The pace for this sort of story one that relies mainly on emotional change was surprisingly quick We start right at the beginning with the thoughts of abandonment brewing in Sarah s unhappy head, and by the third chapter everyone s life has been effectively turned upside down and gone topsy turvy.
The back cover blurb mentions three lives hanging in the wind here, but they doesn t grow confusing, as it mainly still leaned on Oliver s handling of their situations I admit to crying when the mother died of an Alzheimer s related accident something I hope to never grow through with a loved one This family clearly had a rough patch but they were written in such a way that the reader genuinely cheered for them when things grew better Staying through the ride of frustration and unhappiness was not easy, though, and during the book you may feel as drained as they are which is what the author hopes to accomplish On the negative side, Steel really needs and hopefully has by now to learn how to effectively head hop In one large paragraph she incorrectly switched from three people s points of view Never is this allowed, as it s always confusing and just bad writing form In this book, this even happens in the same sentence, one person s thoughts separated by another s by a mere comma mark And, although this may seem silly and wrong of me, Oliver is just too damn weepy He s a great guy I enjoyed and rooted for, and I m all for a man that sheds a tear when the situation warrants it, but I can t count on one hand how many times he switched on the waterworks It s a small side issue, though, and of course didn t take away from my enjoyment of the book or affect it s rating Still it was an unrealistic flaw that never helped the character His sweet personality was endearing but sometimes I just wanted to grab him and yell, Shake her, call her a rotten bitch, scream, something Basically this book was good, so I see why Steel has made a name for herself I remember wanting to read this when I was a pre teen but for some reason or other my mother denied it Oh well, parents can t make sense all the time right Just like ones in this book Give it a try if you want to weep a bit or are in the mood for some inspiring drama.
This is the worst book I ve ever read in my entire life I had to finish it to see how it would end and MAN, it did not disappoint Just the worst.
Loved this book Don t really know how to explain it Lets just say it starts off with Ollie s wife Sarah going back to school They both start to drift apart Recommended to anyone who likes a lot of drama.

This book was good but very predictable I didn t like how the mom Sarah was a major character in the beginning and the first few chapters were from her point of view and then when she leaves the family, her character is basically gone form the book It then picks up and has to rebuld characters again with the other family members It was good, a great pool read but too predictable.
This is the book that got me hooked on reading I had never been a reader until a friend introduced me to this book LOVED LOVED IT.
I should not read this stuff, just should throw it away when I find it in my bookshelf That was a waste of an afternoon This is the painfully long story of a man who talked his wife out of three abortions and then got stuck with the kids He tries to talk his teen son into an abortion for the ugly and stupid girlfriend that this child supposedly trips over at his upscale high school Daddy then falls in love with a series of women who seem to want him for his body and then meets The One This is not a spoiler, you had to see it coming An indictment both of daddies, who work until 9 00 p.
m and have live in maids and have big paychecks but no knowledge of their kids having sex lives or hopes and dreams or bedwetting issues, and of mommies, who, gasp, sometimes put themselves first, although those who do have to go to funerals Just saying The mom, trapped in a rich and sexy but male dominated marriage, seemed to try to get a life but blamed Dad for her not ever pursuing her dreams Steel did let her spend her inheritance on Harvard yep, sure, she got admitted there 20 years after finishing her BA without even having to take an SAT And Alzhemier s went from confused to dead in six months That could be a mercy as compared to real life If the plot wasn t bad enough, the editing missed a slew of grammatical lemons I do like when their eyes grab, though.
I ve read this I didn t bring another DS with me, so I ll read another short Rosamunde Pilcher My new holiday fave 3But how will I get through my 100 pile of DS novels if I don t read them in summer To Se Dogodi Kad Majka Troje Djece I Uzorna Supruga Odlu I Napustiti Obiteljski Dom Na Dvije Godine Da Bi Se Posvetila Postdiplomskim Studijima Onome To Je Oduvijek Eljela I Bez Ega Se Ne Osje A Kao Kompletna Osoba Saznat Ete Okre U I Stranice Ovog Romana, Ne Ispu Taju I Ga Iz Ruku Do Posljednjeg Retka