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× Caleb's Story õ Download by Ë Patricia MacLachlan This story is told through Caleb s eyes His grandfather they thought dead shows up and brings the family drama This story focuses on how difficult forgiveness is and how important it is also Patricia does a wonderful job keeping the story at a high level and it seems effortless for her It feels like a family history and not a fiction story Patricia is able to give well told warm stories for fans for the prairie.
Aww, I love these books Unlike the other two stories in the series which are told from Anna s point of view, this is from Caleb s He is older but he still possesses that adorableness from before Another wonderful story and with perhaps a little heart strings pulled.
Ages 5 Like my reviews I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break down of everything in the book, so you ll know just how clean it is or isn t I also have Clean Guides downloadable PDFs which enable you to clean up your book before reading it Visit my website Patricia MacLachlan always seems to be able to fill my heart with her stories Doesn t hurt that many of her main characters have the same names as people in my family She manages to put a whole adult sized novel s worth of character development into simple plots with lots of white space for each reader to bring themselves into the family she presents in such a short read.
Anna, through whose eyes and emotional perspective we received the narrative in Sarah, Plain and Tall and its sequel, Skylark, is an older teenager by the time that the events in this third book take place, and lives in town apart from her family Before she first left home, though, she gave her younger brother Caleb a blank notebook journal of his own, and told him that it was now his responsibility to write down what happened in the family, recording the significant events of their lives in print to be remembered always It doesn t seem to Caleb that anything very interesting is likely to happen anytime soon around their simple home on the plains, but he s wrong His four year old sister Cassie, born to Papa and Sarah sometime after the end of Skylark, notices an unfamiliar man hanging around their house while Papa is away on a trip When Caleb, Cassie and Sarah find the man shivering alone in the wintry cold of the barn, they invite him inside the house to warm up and lodge with the three of them for a while It quickly becomes apparent to keenly observant Caleb that the man didn t just wander onto their property by chance He has some hidden connection to the family s past, a connection that finally is revealed when Papa returns from his trip, surprised to find that this particular person from his past is alive and well In continuing the story of the Witting family sixteen years after the original publication of the Newbery Medal winning Sarah, Plain and Tall, author Patricia MacLachlan has kept alive the odyssey of a set characters deeply loved by many readers Caleb s Story has a different narrator and is longer than the previous two books, but the writing is as elegantly crafted as ever, and fans of Patricia MacLachlan s gentle syntax will want to read this new entry in the series I might give two and a half stars to Caleb s Story.
I was disappointed that she made this one in Caleb s POV, because he kept getting on my nerves in the first two with asking Anna about every little thing Sarah did or said I found him suffocating and so clingy Idk who would write two books in one kid s POV and then decide to switch in the third.
In Skylark Sarah was just pregnant near the end, and I expected it to pick up there I couldn t believe the unborn baby was now a kid and so much time had passed That s awful It was amusing that Cassie wanted Caleb to play hide and seek with her, but Caleb peeked through his fingers to see where she went She used to hide but her feet or something would be sticking out where he could see them, or he d call her name and she would answer, giving her hiding place away It was actually kind of scary when Cassie announced that there was a man behind the barn Whoa And it annoyed me that Caleb didn t believe her and didn t even check I was SO upset when I learned Anna had a boyfriend, named Justin who was writing her letters She gets a boyfriend and you dumped her POV Not cool That s the best part about a book He s away fighting in the war in Europe and Anna was going to train with his dad, who s a doctor The best details about a novel to me are the ways of life When the snow was too bad they didn t go to school, because it was too hard to come home One time they had to spend the night at the school and sleep by the wood stove They tied a rope from the house to the barn.
It was funny how Cassie kept insisting the man was a robber Sarah told her to stop saying it because the man isn t a robber She told Caleb there s always things to write about, like thoughts, wishes, hopes, and dreams and Cassie mouthed Robbers John didn t seem very friendly Cassie was staring at him and I know that s rude, but he gruffly asked her what Caleb said he was writing about him in his journal and John said there s nothing to write about him He asked if Cassie does anything, and when Caleb said she plays hide and seek he told her to go hide He counted for her to hide and when she did he said There She s gone How mean John wouldn t answer personal questions and Caleb caught him taking out a bottle of pills, so the identity of the man became a mystery Papa came home and finally recognized him as his dad It was no surprise to me at all I m used to the dad coming Little House on the Prairie had that visit too.
Caleb told John it would be nice to know his grandfather and John said don t think that, he isn t nice What kind of character was this I felt bad for Caleb when he told his grandpa goodnight and the grandpa didn t say it back, just commented on the moon Caleb offered for him to read Anna s journals about their lives, started reading some of it but he didn t turn around and then his grandpa told him goodnight and to close the door So final, so uncaring He was getting on my nerves Why come back if you re going to treat everybody like crap He finally opened up and shared a memory of his farm dogs Then he got embarrassed that he d talked so much Stop doing that I wanted Cassie asked Papa about the dogs and he didn t even answer and went right back outside It was really irritating He was such a jerk to speak to Caleb and not Cassie, like he had a personal vendetta against her alone On the way to town they passed a family who was burying a baby, and Grandfather said the fire they were burning was to thaw the ground out to dig and that was so grisly and morbid a detail So dark for this book Papa told Sarah not to go over there because of the influenza, and she didn t listen and went and hugged the woman That was such a dangerous, stupid, and unnecessary thing to do It s sweet to want to console someone, but that s putting your whole family at risk and I couldn t believe she would do such a thing It s like inviting death.
In town, families who had sons go to war had flags in their windows Those who had lost people to influenza or war had black wreaths on the door.
I thought the secret was going to be about his health condition, not that he couldn t read Caleb finally figured out why John didn t read the journals, and why he hadn t wrote Papa a letter Cassie had asked him that day to read his medicine bottle and he claimed he couldn t because he didn t have his glasses, but they knew he didn t even wear them.
It wasn t until pg 77 that we learned Cassie had been named for their grandma, John s wife I realized that could have been the problem but that should have been shared long before now At least the grandpa smiled and said he knew their grandma would have liked her Finally being nice to her I was so glad when Papa and John finally talked Papa asked why he came back, told him be looked for him everyday and that he didn t even write him a letter I was like, yeah Ask him questions And they got into a shoving match, and surprisingly, Grandfather was the one who won I was so annoyed Papa fell on a plow and hurt his leg and I m like come on, this old man with heart trouble is the one doing the hurting Caleb said it could ve been grandfather with the broken leg because Papa had pushed him too, and Sarah smiled and said how alike they were What is there to smile about A father and son pushing each other around and getting a leg broken That is not okay It was a nice moment when Caleb gave him a blank journal to write in and he said he felt love Finally a thawing out Sarah asked Sam, Justin s dad, if he s gotten any letters from Justin He hadn t in a while and Sarah asked if he was worried Someone s kid is in another country fighting in a war and you ask if they re worried What a dumb question It was funny how when they went to town Anna had said she was gonna ask what Grandfather was like, and then at the same time they said he s like Papa And when Sam came to the house to see how Papa was doing, he also advised Grandfather privately not to work because his heart couldn t take it Sarah asked what they d talked about and then at same time that Sam said it was private, she said it too Caleb heard Sarah and Papa arguing Papa refused to forgive him, and she said his unforgiving nature is something she doesn t love about him Caleb told his dad that he wanted him to forgive Grandfather for his birthday so he could grow up to be like Papa If we didn t have enough to deal with, Sarah went missing in the snowstorm, stupidly went outside to get Nick What was Nick doing outside if they knew it was going to storm When Grandfather volunteered to go look for her I was so mad I didn t want him to get hurt overexerting himself He found her buried in the snow, Nick stayed with her They had to warm her up and keep her awake I was so afraid he was going to die Sarah s brush with death was used to illustrate that things happen Caleb had tied the string but it broke and Sarah got lost and almost died It isn t about fault and blaming people Things just happen, and she said if you re lucky you get a chance to make things better.
So Papa finally talked to Grandfather and asked why he left and didn t write to him Grandfather admitted he couldn t read, and that him and his wife couldn t live together but it was his fault I kept waiting for the explanation of why he d stayed gone for Papa s entire life, but it didn t come What the heck Why didn t he ever come back That needed to be explained Grandfather had written a note that he loved Jacob, and they hugged it out Papa asked him not to go because he didn t ever want to miss him again I thought he should have apologized at some point for breaking Papa s leg It ended with Caleb s journal entry about them having a turkey meal, and all being together Sam, Anna, and Justin were coming over So I was glad Justin was okay at least This one was my least favorite out of the series It was too much about Papa and Grandfather fighting It was a lot of Caleb listening in to other people s conversations That got old Cassie asked a million and one questions It struck me that she was the new Caleb Anna felt like a stranger, barely had any presence It was better being in Caleb s POV than I feared, but I see a pattern of the annoying little kid growing up and becoming the narrator and a new annoying, questioning kid taking their place We weren t told how old Caleb was and I kept wondering how old they all were As always, the writing and plots are really simple Sparse, bare bone writing with kids having deep thoughts and observations that are SO unrealistic.
Anna Has Done Something TerribleShe Has Given Me A Journal To Fill It S Your Job Now, Anna Says As She Hands Caleb Her Journals, Asking Him To Continue Writing The Family Story But Sarah, Jacob, Anna, Caleb, And Their New Little Sister, Cassie, Have Already Formed A Family, And Caleb Fears There Will Be Nothing Left To Write About That Is, Before Cassie Discovers A Mysterious Old Man In The Barn, And Everything Changes Everyone Is Excited About The Arrival Of A New Family Member Except For Jacob, Who Holds A Bitter Grudge Only The Special Love Of Caleb, And The Gift He Offers, Can Help To Mend The Pain Of The Past Heart warming and heart WRENCHING I loved it I fall in love with the characters and with each book Forgiveness is the main theme here Not just, I m sorry and then Oh, that s okay kind of thing No The What I did was wrong and naming it confessionand then words of love that conveyed forgiveness Yes This.
One of my favorite scenes after receiving a gift Grandfather put a hand on his chest Grandfather I was scared I thought he was sick Grandfather waved me away It isn t pain, he said to me He closed his empty book and looked at me It s love, he said.
So, yeah Make sure you get to this book in the series If you liked Sarah, Plain and Tall, you ll like this sequel Sarah, Jacob and the children are living on the prairie during the winter of 1918 There is a war raging in Europe At home, influenza is making many people ill and killing some of them Anna is leaving to move into town so she can finish her education and work with the town doctor As she leaves, she gives her brother Caleb a blank journal with instructions to write down everything that happens around the farm That shouldn t be too hard According to Caleb, nothing ever happens How could he have known how wrong he would be How could any of them have known how a stranger will change their lives forever Not as good as the first two in the Sarah Plain and Tall series, but still nicely written and wonderful pacing The tone of the story is effectively changed with the change of narrator I usually don t like change, but I didn t miss Anna s character anywhere near as much as I thought I would MacLachlan is wonderful at conveying who the characters are without excessive description almost sole use of dialogue and narration The characters are so lovable A fairly predictable, yet, hear warming tale.